Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Sprint teams with Conversocial to offer customer service on Facebook Messenger and other social sites

Sprint said it is offering customer care services across a range of social sites including Facebook Messenger and Twitter, thanks to a teaming between the nation's fourth largest wireless carrier and social customer service vendor Conversocial.

Rumor Mill: Google planning to test OTT mobile messaging app

Google is reportedly planning to use India as a testing ground for a new over-the-top mobile messaging app that will likely launch in 2015.

Apple's FaceTime, Facebook gang up on operators

AT&T's decision to open up FaceTime for no additional charge to subscribers with older Apple iOS devices on tiered data plans is a sidebar to the real news, which is that innovative over-the-top offers from brands for which consumers hold great affinity are going to quickly populate the mobile environment.

SK Telecom aims to license, standardize Smart Push

SK Telecom wants other operators to license its Smart Push technology for use in their networks and is also driving to have the technology become standardized.