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Latest Headlines

Pew: 64% of American adults have a smartphone, and 10% rely on it for their broadband connection

Smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous in the United States and Americans are also simultaneously relying on them for broadband access, according to a new survey from Pew Research.

Lowenstein's View: Opportunities for the FCC to fast-track broadband, competition

There have been three broad themes to the FCC under Chairman Tom Wheeler, reinforced in his remarks at the recent CTIA trade show: more competition, more spectrum, and an open, non-discriminatory Internet. The significant items on the FCC docket that play into these themes--the pending AT&T-Direct TV and Comcast-TWC deals, the 600 MHz incentive auctions, and the ongoing discussions on network neutrality--show that the FCC has taken a lot on, and has had a lot thrown at it. An intransigent Congress and the upcoming mid-term elections are an additional wildcard that could impact how and how quickly these major items are addressed.

Rysavy: Mobile broadband networks should not be hampered by net neutrality constraints

The success of the mobile broadband industry is due in part to a light regulatory touch that has encouraged massive investments and resulted in one of the most successful industries of all time. This industry, however, is still in the relatively early stages and will grow and evolve in ways that cannot be predicted. It will be successful to the extent that unnecessary regulatory strangleholds, especially ones that treat wireless and wireline equally, do not hold it back.

Ericsson cites 35% annual growth in mobile broadband subscribers

Ericsson said its latest count revealed 35 percent year-on-year growth in the number of mobile broadband subscribers during the second quarter of 2014, with the total reaching 2.4 billion.

NPD: 66% of U.S. mobile broadband connections by end of 2015 will be tablets

Tablets are expected to make up a large majority of all mobile broadband connections in the U.S. over the next two years, according to a new report from the NPD Group.

Wireless broadband tops wired with 2.5 times the subscribers, says OECD

Wireless broadband penetration has reached nearly 70 percent in the 34 nations that are members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and mobile wireless broadband subscriptions outnumber wired broadband's by more than 2.5 times.

FCC's Speed Test App to provide info on mobile network performance

This Thursday, the FCC is scheduled to hear a presentation regarding its new Speed Test App for smartphones based upon Google's Android operating system.

Nokia's network unit reports sales decline, looks ahead to growth

Nokia Solutions and Networks' significant win in China Mobile's recent TD-LTE tender put a positive spin on the vendor's third-quarter results, as did an upbeat forecast of future growth, but a slip in sales nonetheless cast a shadow on NSN's ongoing turnaround.

Huawei aims to reduce network impact of apps

As concern grows regarding the negative impact poorly written applications can have on mobile networks, Huawei is offering a cloud-based way for developers to evaluate a particular app's network friendliness.

Mobile broadband's popularity squeezing fixed-line competitors, report says

Since 2005, mobile networks have accounted for greatest number of new U.S. broadband subscribers and now serves some 60 percent of U.S. residential broadband connections, according to a new report released by the Internet Innovation Alliance.