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Latest Headlines

Globalstar's Sat-Fi to deliver satellite coverage to Wi-Fi enabled devices

Globalstar is targeting the second quarter for the introduction of Sat-Fi, a new voice and data service that enables customers to use their Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect with Globalstar's satellite network when they are outside of cellular coverage.

Globalstar open to outdoor Wi-Fi 5.1 GHz if its operations can be protected

Globalstar wants to work with proponents of opening up the 5.1 GHz band for use by high-power, outdoor Wi-Fi equipment but only if those changes do not negatively impact Globalstar's mobile satellite services (MSS) business, a company executive said.

Cable group disputes Globalstar's arguments against freeing 5.1 GHz band for Wi-Fi

Efforts to open up the 5.1 GHz band for use by high-power, outdoor Wi-Fi equipment has garnered widespread support, but faces staunch opposition from one company using the band: mobile satellite service (MSS) operator Globalstar. However, the cable industry contends that new research from CableLabs and experts at the University of Colorado refutes arguments Globalstar has made to keep the frequencies from being opened up.

Globalstar's TLPS promises private, licensed Wi-Fi

When Globalstar submitted a petition last month asking the FCC to allow it to use its MSS spectrum for mobile broadband, the big focus was on its plan to deploy FDD-LTE.  However, the company also proposed a terrestrial low-power service ("TLPS") to be deployed before LTE, that offers wireless carriers access to what is essentially a private, licensed Wi-Fi service.

Genachowski: Sprint, Dish will get AWS-4, H Block rules this month

Though Dish Network, Sprint Nextel and the FCC itself continue sparring over proposed rules impacting 2 GHz AWS-4 spectrum and the 1900 MHz PCS H Block, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is still aiming to wrap up its rulemaking proceeding within the month of December.

FCC: Dish's wireless plan would imperil the PCS H Block

The FCC and Dish Network continued to spar over proposed rules governing Dish's wireless spectrum, with the FCC saying that Dish's plan would imperil the 1900 MHz PCS H Block, which Sprint Nextel has said it wants to bid on and use for its LTE network.

Dish blasts FCC's rules for its AWS-4 spectrum

The FCC is moving forward with rules that would allow Dish Network to build out an LTE Advanced mobile network in its MSS spectrum. However, the agency's proposal will include technical rules that could affect up to 5 MHz of Dish's spectrum.

LightSquared floats plan to use weather-balloon spectrum for LTE

LightSquared is proposing to share spectrum the federal government uses for weather balloons. The company hopes to couple this spectrum with the L-Band satellite spectrum LightSquared already holds in an attempt to finally get its planned wholesale LTE network up and running.

Sprint, Dish clash over 5 MHz satellite spectrum shift

Sprint Nextel and Dish Network are at odds over whether the FCC should shift part of Dish's MSS S-band spectrum by 5 MHz, a move that both companies said could have far-ranging consequences for their long-term LTE plans.

Dish urges FCC not to shift its satellite spectrum holdings

Dish Network is urging the FCC not to shift its spectrum holdings in the 2 GHz band and to approve rules for using satellite spectrum in terrestrial settings, according to an FCC filing.