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Latest Headlines

Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots reach 1M milestone

Comcast announced that it now has 1 million U.S. Wi-Fi hotspots. The news was released amid rumors that the cable MSO is thinking of launching a Wi-Fi-centric wireless service.

Devicescape CEO in favor of Hotspot 2.0, but says it's just a 'baby step'

Devicescape CEO Dave Fraser said that while the company, a key provider of a virtualized carrier Wi-Fi network, is in favor of the Hotspot 2.0 standard, that is only an interim solution and more technology is needed to deliver greater value to carriers from Wi-Fi networks.

Verizon, Sprint lead on delivering mobile data traffic over LTE

Verizon Wireless and Sprint far outpace AT&T and T-Mobile US when it comes to the percentage of customers with LTE-enabled smartphones who see 91 to 100 percent of their mobile usage going over LTE rather than 3G, according to a new report from Mobidia and Informa Telecoms & Media.

AT&T, Cisco promise Hotspot 2.0 Wi-Fi roaming for MWC attendees

The backers of Hotspot 2.0 want the mobile industry to know that the technology is ready for prime time, and there probably is no better way to make that point than to deploy Hotspot 2.0 for automatic use by at least a portion of the attendees at next week's Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

WifiForward adds ballast to demand for unlicensed spectrum

Internet and communications heavyweights along with other supporters want more spectrum for Wi-Fi, and they want it now. The WifiForward coalition is calling for policymakers to open up more unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi and other uses, contending that Wi-Fi in general is at risk due to a deluge of wireless data traffic that is causing increasing spectrum congestion.

Deutsche Telekom's test results raise questions about Wi-Fi's offloading value

Tests conducted last year by Deutsche Telekom revealed that while Wi-Fi can be viewed as a complementary technology to 3G and LTE, it is not very useful for easing cellular network congestion through offloading.

Aptilo, Cox and Bright House play up carrier-grade Wi-Fi developments

Wi-Fi continues to play an expanding role in the service strategies of many mobile operators as well as cable TV companies, as evidenced by separate announcements from Wi-Fi offloading vendor Aptilo Networks as well as cable MSOs Cox Communications and Bright House Networks.

Mobilitie snags DAS contract for Verizon Center

Stadiums, indoor sports arenas and other large multi-use entertainment venues continue to be attractive locations for rollouts of distributed antenna systems (DAS). The massive Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., is representative of that trend as it will soon have a new DAS built by Mobilitie.

Turning home Wi-Fi into community hotspots: the ins and outs of a new trend

The trend toward providing public Wi-Fi access from residential gateways for offloading and hotspot services is catching on. While I understand the sense in taking the gobs of unused broadband bandwidth being delivered to private residences and making it available for widespread use, I nonetheless see some issues that could impact this trend's broad adoption in the United States.

AT&T, Cisco and others to demo live Next Generation Hotspot Wi-Fi network

The Wireless Broadband Alliance said the world's first live, public Next Generation Hotspot network will debut next month during the Wi-Fi Global Congress in Beijing. The network will be hosted by Cisco and China Mobile.