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Latest Headlines

Commotion 1.0 toolkit helping communities roll out mesh networks

A mesh-networking toolkit, Commotion 1.0, is being proffered by the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute, which says the technology can enable communities to build and own decentralized broadband infrastructure.

First Detroit, then the world for Commotion mesh networking

Commotion, a new wireless mesh-networking platform, is being deployed across Detroit by the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute (OTI), which said it intends to publicly release the technology in early 2013 for distribution around the globe.

Study says data caps a hallmark of an 'uncompetitive broadband marketplace'

Calling monthly broadband bandwidth usage caps "the product of an uncompetitive broadband marketplace," the Open Technology Institute questioned the value of data caps and lambasted the FCC for ignoring the issue.