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Latest Headlines

Google Fiber takes another step toward Portland, Oregon service with fiber hut approval

Google Fiber is slowly making progress toward setting up service in Portland, Oregon, with the latest development being city approval for the company's first "fiber hut."

CenturyLink loses three-year battle to overturn Portland, Ore. telephone tax

CenturyLink has lost its three-year challenge to a overturn a telephone service tax in Portland, Ore.

FCC gives Sprint go-ahead to upgrade 800 MHz network in Portland metro area

As part of Sprint's years-long effort to reband public safety entities, the FCC has granted a waiver that will allow Sprint to deploy its 800 MHz network in parts of Washington state that are considered key to its service in the Portland, Ore., metro area.

CenturyLink poses new threat to Google with Portland, Ore., video franchise

CenturyLink is officially establishing itself as the new video provider in Portland, Ore., as the telco reached a deal for a new franchise agreement with city officials with plans to deliver service sometime in 2015, reports  The Oregonian.

Oregon tax law could trip up Google Fiber's Portland rollout

Oregon tax laws could derail Google Fiber's deployment in Portland, potentially causing the company to pull out from a build it announced in February and taking hundreds of millions of investment dollars along with it, local officials fear.

Google Fiber signs tentative agreement with Portland, Ore., but local issues will determine outcome

Google Fiber has taken another step forward in its proposed move to bring its 1 Gbps service to Portland, Ore., by crafting a tentative franchise agreement with the city, reports The Oregonian. This is one of the first major cities where it has signed such an agreement. 

Strategy Analytics: Comcast's WiMAX offering in position to pressure AT&T, Verizon

Strategy Analytics says Comcast's new High-Speed 2go service--set to launch in Portland, Ore.--that bundles Clearwire's WiMAX service with its own broadband services, will put pressure on AT&T

Comcast launches WiMAX offering in Portland

One of Clearwire's cable partners, Comcast, launched its first WiMAX offering in Portland, Ore., where Clearwire rolled out service earlier this year. Comcast, serving as an MVNO on Clearwire's

Clearwire rolls out another market in quiet mode

Clearwire is quietly rolling out another WiMAX market. This time residents in Las Vegas can go to the company's web site and purchase Clearwire services. Last month, the operator did a soft-launch

Clearwire getting more aggressive in Portland

Clearwire is getting more aggressive in its Portland, Ore., market, adding new pricing plans that include an unlimited home plan and a mobile package for $55 a month. Clearwire chief strategy officer