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Latest Headlines

U.S. Cellular launches new no-contract plans, installment financing

U.S. Cellular is introducing new no-contract plans, installment financing for devices and, for a limited time, will pay certain customers up to $350 if they switch to the carrier.

C Spire to introduce new $65 unlimited plan

 Regional carrier C Spire Wireless revealed in a Facebook post that it will launch a new $65 per month unlimited price plan called "Unlimited Everything" that will include unlimited voice, texting, picture messaging, web, music and video. The plan, which will debut April 7,  will come with free international text messaging to 140 countries and free access to its PERCS program for discounts and rewards.  

Analysts: Carriers will be aided in Q1 thanks to tablet subscribers

 Despite wireless operators offering a variety of pricing discounts to some customers, the pricing turmoil in the market has not really impacted the Tier 1 carriers' bottom lines, according to analysts at New Street Research. In fact, the analysts say carriers are set to report stronger-than-expected quarterly subscribers for the first quarter, thanks in large part to booming tablet subscription adoptions.

3 reasons Netflix will likely raise its prices soon

Amazon's decision to raise the price of its Prime subscription to $99 annually caused some consternation among consumers but many industry observers say it's only a matter of time before all subscription video on demand (SVOD) services follow suit.

Confirmed: U.S. Cellular adds more data to shared data buckets

U.S. Cellular confirmed it is adding more data to its shared data plan buckets for the same prices, the latest in a wave of pricing tweaks from larger carriers.

We're not having a wireless price war now- but what would one look like?

We're not in a price war right now, despite multiple competitive changes in pricing plans over the last few months. So if we're not in a price war, what would one actually look like?

Low prices are great for consumers, but not at too high a cost

The UK regulator Ofcom published a very comprehensive report this week that provided an update on the country's position compared to other Western European countries and the United States. Several interesting points were raised, including the statement that consumers in the UK pay a great deal less for their mobile services than do U.S. consumers.

SoftBank's Son hints at further price cuts from Sprint

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son indicated that Sprint could cut service pricing in the future as SoftBank seeks to revitalize Sprint and make it more competitive in the United States now that its acquisition of the carrier is official.

AT&T slashing 50% off smartphone prices with two-year contract

Is AT&T taking a swipe at T-Mobile US' "uncarrier" strategy to charge full price for handsets and eliminate contracts? It sure looks that way.

Report: LTE subscribers buy larger-volume data plans than 3G users

New research released separately by Mobidia and Citrix highlights continuing challenges faced by mobile operators as they seek to monetize data usage.