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Latest Headlines

RF signals tackle drone hazards

SkySafe is offering a way to avoid drone collisions with planes by using radio frequency signals to wirelessly bring drones to the ground when they're flying in areas they shouldn't be.

Deutsche Telekom healthcare MD issues e-Health rallying call

Deutsche Telekom's MD for healthcare solutions said Germany's health industry is not keeping pace with growing sales of fitness trackers or the expanding capabilities of smartphones, and that hospitals must not be put off digitising services by a rash of recent cyber attacks.

FirstNet extends deadline for proposals to May 31

The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) extended the deadline for bidders making proposals from May 13 to May 31, but it still expects to award a contract by Nov. 1.

FirstNet updates its VNS network vision

FirstNet says its vision for the Vehicle Network System (VNS), previously known as an MCU, involves a new product concept meant to address the communication needs of remote first responders immediately when they respond to incidents that are outside of terrestrial coverage, or if traditional coverage has become unavailable due to a natural or man-made disaster.

TWC techs threatened at gunpoint in Texas

The job of residential cable installer isn't without risks, as two Time Warner Cable technicians recently found out in Austin, Texas.

FirstNet outlines its device approval process

Mobile carriers routinely conduct mobile device approval processes to verify that a device meets certain technical specifications and works well with their networks, so it makes sense that the nation's first Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network (NPSBN) would do so as well.

Nokia covers Dubai's smart city critical communications needs with 5G-ready network

Nokia won a contract to deploy a 5G-ready network in Dubai to provide mission-critical smart city and Internet of Things (IoT) services to a range of government departments.

Cisco partners with Parallel Wireless on DIY kit for Band 14

Cisco is partnering with Parallel Wireless on a deploy-it-yourself kit to help mission-critical public safety agencies deploy Band 14 tactical operations.

ZTE partners with Telefónica Deutschland for Düsseldorf e-health pilot

ZTE teamed with Telefónica Deutschland and the City of Düsseldorf's health department to pilot an e-health programme for the elderly, as part of a broader smart home project.

FirstNet still on track to award contract by November

After receiving and answering hundreds of questions about the process, FirstNet is on track to make a final award for the nation's first dedicated public safety broadband network by November, officials said at an Industry Day event last week.