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Latest Headlines

SK Telecom closer to aggregating 40 MHz of bandwidth using three disparate spectrum bands

SK Telecom said it will build out more 1.8 GHz base stations this year to provide 20 MHz of additional LTE bandwidth across South Korea and announced it is moving closer to rolling out a 10 MHz segment of the 2.1 GHz band that will enable it to provide 40 MHz of carrier-aggregated bandwidth.

Sprint, NSN tout demo of 2.6 Gbps throughput on TD-LTE

Sprint along with Nokia Solutions and Networks demonstrated that a single sector of a TD-LTE network can deliver data throughput of 2.6 Gbps.

LTE drives usage and even leads some users to shun Wi-Fi, report says

LTE users in the world's most advanced mobile markets consume considerably more data than 3G users, even eschewing Wi-Fi networks in order to stick with their LTE connections, according to new analysis from GSMA Intelligence.

SK Telecom will demo three-band LTE-A carrier aggregation at MWC 2014

SK Telecom intends to showcase its LTE Advanced three-band carrier aggregation technology next month during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, delivering download speeds of 450 Mbps by aggregating three 20 MHz bands.

Ericsson, SK Telecom eliminate inter-cell handovers for faster rates, higher capacity

Infrastructure vendor Ericsson and Korean operator SK Telecom have taken advantage of an LTE Advanced (LTE-A) capability to enable mobility without the need for an inter-cell handover between base stations.

SK Telecom not shy about marketing LTE Advanced

SK Telecom's rollout of LTE Advanced carrier aggregation signals things to come, as operators such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless prepare to follow suit in the coming months.

SK Telecom: Take a closer look at its LTE Advanced rollout

Thanks to SK Telecom, LTE Advanced is commercially deployed, or, at least, the carrier aggregation component of LTE-A is. And as operators in other developed markets, such as the United States, lay out their own plans to deploy LTE-A features as well, they will be keeping a close eye on lessons they can learn from SK Telecom's pioneering efforts.

Infonetics raises 2013 VoLTE forecast to 8M subs

SK Telecom's ongoing success with VoLTE adoption prompted Infonetics Research to up its 2013 VoLTE forecast, which now calls for 12 commercial VoLTE networks and 8 million VoLTE subscribers by year-end, with about three-quarters of those in Asia Pacific.

SK Telecom rolls out LTE Advanced with carrier aggregation

Ever a mobile market pacesetter, SK Telecom has rolled out the world's first LTE-Advanced network with a commercial smartphone ready for use with the service.

SK Telecom strikes new LTE roaming deal, plans quad-band LTE devices

SK Telecom has expanded its LTE roaming program to include Globe Telecom of the Philippines. The South Korean operator previously initiated LTE roaming service with CSL in Hong Kong and SingTel in Singapore.