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Latest Headlines

Intel exec: 5G will redefine how we measure network performance

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--The term "5G" is still amorphous and not yet a standard, but it will likely involve a radical rethinking of how the industry defines metrics for how users experience the network, according to an Intel executive.

ABI: Consumers outpaced by enterprise in the $4B femtocell market

Enterprise femtocells will capture 97 per cent of the $4.3 billion (€3.1 billion) market revenue in 2019, outpacing consumer-residential femtocells, according to the latest forecast from ABI Research.

AT&T launches new ad campaign 'Better Network' highlighting small cells, DAS

AT&T Mobility is rolling out a new advertising campaign called "Better Network" aimed at illustrating how exactly it is improving coverage and capacity on its wireless network.

Qualcomm, Sprint accelerate NASCAR small cell experiment

AVONDALE, Ariz.--Qualcomm made the Phoenix International Raceway a test bed for hyper-dense small cell deployment this month during NASCAR's popular Sprint Cup Series, showing how the compay's UltraSON software and Qualcomm Atheros chipsets can be used to lay out small cell networks with minimal or no RF planning.

Small Cell Forum makes the case for urban deployments

BARCELONA, Spain--The Small Cell Forum continued its educational program for operators with the third release in an ongoing series, this one focused on deploying the diminutive base stations in outdoor urban areas.

Ericsson, Philips to outfit LED light poles with small cells

BARCELONA, Spain—Ericsson announced it is working with Philips to develop LED street lights that can be outfitted with small cells and backhaul. This joint effort could go a long way toward helping operators make their networks denser and it could also offer an opportunity for city managers to rent space on light poles to telecom providers.

NSN CEO wants to expand Juniper partnership, is open to small M&A opportunities

BARCELONA, Spain--Nokia Solutions and Networks is getting deeper into IP routing via a partnership with Juniper Networks, said Rajeev Suri, NSN's CEO, during a press event here prior to the opening of the Mobile World Congress. However, he appeared to downplay rumors that the two had discussed some sort of merger pact.

Madden: What's the trigger point for small cells?

During the past 18 months, a few Asian operators have deployed significant numbers of small cells. On the other side of the world, mobile operators are experimenting and deploying only small numbers of small cells. There are millions of LTE subscribers in North America, so why don't we have millions of small cells in the United States today?  The difference comes down to density. LTE doesn't drive a need for small cells all by itself, and the sheer weight of data traffic does not require small cells.

Report: Operators are wasting $130B of spectrum assets by neglecting LTE TDD

Despite concern over the shortage of spectrum, and the huge sums spent on it, operators have paid $25 billion (€18.2 billion) for TDD spectrum that is not being exploited. Furthermore, the missed opportunities to the operator and the wider economy are even larger at $130 billion, says small cell start-up Accelleran.

Accelleran calls out operators for wasting TDD spectrum

Wireless operators around the world are foolishly sitting atop a $130 billion stockpile of TDD spectrum assets rather than using those frequencies to solve the looming spectrum shortage, according to Belgian TD-LTE small cell vendor Accelleran.