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Latest Headlines

South Korea pushes forward on 5G, promises global cooperation

Perhaps it's only fitting that South Korea should be grabbing all the headlines out of the 5G Global Summit, a special event for the 2014 ITU Pleniopotentiary Conference (PP-14) aimed at sharing information about 5G technology and facilitating international cooperation. After all, the event is staged in the southern port city of Busan, South Korea.

Samsung, SK Telecom tout mobile video latency breakthrough

Given the South Korean mobile communications market is one of the world's most competitive and innovative, it's not surprising to hear that Samsung and SK Telecom have taken the lead on another important enabler of high quality mobile video, MPEG Media Transport (MMT) technology.

Ericsson-LG, SK Telecom cooperating on SDN, NFV research

Ericsson-LG and South Korean operator SK Telecom agreed to cooperate on research and development efforts involving software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV) and the cloud, all of which will likely play crucial roles in future 5G networks.

Huawei, LG Uplus joint research center will target LTE-A, small cells and 5G

Huawei and LG Uplus signed a memorandum of understanding under which they will create a joint Mobile Innovation Center (MIC) in Seoul, South Korea, where the companies will work on LTE Advanced carrier aggregation, small cells and 5G technologies.

Europe, South Korea enter 5G development pact

Seeking to lead the world into the dawn of 5G wireless networks, South Korea and the European Union have signed off on a pact that will see them collaborate on systems, standards and radio-frequency harmonization.

China, South Korea commit to 5G leadership, while Japan and U.S. rely on private efforts

The governments of China and South Korea are being particularly aggressive in pursuing 5G development efforts, while Japan is taking an approach akin to that of the United States by relying more upon private companies to invest in the next-generation technologies.

SK Telecom closer to aggregating 40 MHz of bandwidth using three disparate spectrum bands

SK Telecom said it will build out more 1.8 GHz base stations this year to provide 20 MHz of additional LTE bandwidth across South Korea and announced it is moving closer to rolling out a 10 MHz segment of the 2.1 GHz band that will enable it to provide 40 MHz of carrier-aggregated bandwidth.

South Korea commits $1.5B for 5G development

The rush to 5G is drawing more attention on national and regional levels, as evidenced by this week's announcement that South Korea is dedicating 1.6 trillion won ($1.5 billion) to developing the concept.

SK Telecom will demo three-band LTE-A carrier aggregation at MWC 2014

SK Telecom intends to showcase its LTE Advanced three-band carrier aggregation technology next month during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, delivering download speeds of 450 Mbps by aggregating three 20 MHz bands.

SK Telecom launching joyn-branded RCS in less than two weeks

SK Telecom will launch joyn-branded Rich Communication Services (RCS) before the end of this year as the South Korean operator joins a handful of others that have made the RCS plunge.