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Latest Headlines

Spirent introduces Landslide Diameter to address signaling storms

Spirent Communications introduced Spirent Landslide Diameter, a system that tests signaling protocols at scale so carriers can ensure efficient and optimized Diameter services.

Spirent adds support for testing Wi-Fi through RF interface

Spirent Communications is using Mobile World Congress 2015 to announce support for testing Wi-Fi access points through an RF interface on its flagship product Spirent Landslide, enabling operators to ensure they can deliver reliable and seamless Wi-Fi calling services to subscribers under fully loaded conditions.

Report: AT&T's VoLTE-based HD Voice exceeds 3G voice, Skype in terms of quality

AT&T Mobility's Voice over LTE-powered HD Voice solution provides much better call quality than traditional circuit-switched fallback voice or voice service from an over-the-top application, according to a new research report.

Spirent snaps up Radvision's TBU for $25M, enhances VoIP, VoLTE expertise

Spirent is bolstering its voice and video over IP communications, including voice over LTE (VoLTE) capabilities, by reaching a $25 million deal to purchase Radvision's Technology Business Unit (TBU).

Samsung LTE Cat 4 chipset wins kudos in benchmark study

In an independent performance benchmark study of six LTE Category 4 chipsets conducted by Signals Research Group, a Samsung pre-commercial chipset came out on top as the best performer.

Verizon's third-party testing lab gearing up for VoLTE/IMS devices

How close is Verizon Wireless to offering voice over LTE? Pretty darn close, based on the fact that Spirent Communications' announced its 8100 mobile device test system has been selected to ensure that VoLTE/IMS devices destined for Verizon's network will comply with industry standards and the operator's certification requirements.

Spirent enables real-world testing of positioning technology

The expanding vision for location-based services is driving the need for solutions that enable mobile operators and device manufacturers to test location features on devices in real-world conditions. To that end, Spirent Communications has added what it describes as carrier-approved Assisted Global Navigation Satellite System record-and-playback capabilities to its Hybrid Location Technology Solution.

Spirent loses CEO, Azimuth touts end-to-end testing

The test and measurement gear business is getting increasingly competitive as operators see network, device and even app reliability as essential to their success and demand more complicated, integrated solutions. Two items of news this week highlight the challenges as well as the opportunities inherent in the mobile broadband test systems market.

Spirent adds TD-LTE mobile device testing

As the TD-LTE ecosystem ramps up, test and measurement companies are hustling to get in on the action as evidenced by the latest announcement from Spirent Communications, which is offering TD-LTE support on its CS8 mobile device tester.

ST-Ericsson: Battery issues not a problem for newer VoLTE devices

Chipmaker ST-Ericsson is battling the contention that phones offering voice over LTE have battery life issues, saying such issues are restricted to first-generation LTE chipsets and devices running simultaneous voice and LTE (SVLTE) service during VoLTE calls.