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Latest Headlines

Small cell proliferation will start making installations more difficult, analyst says

BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk published a thorough and wide-reaching report on small cells and DAS deployments, culminating in the prediction that the proliferation of small cells may soon make it more difficult to install and deploy in metro markets.

Verizon's under-seat DAS key in handling expected 10.5 terabytes during next year's Super Bowl

The final whistle in Super Bowl 50 blew less than a week ago but Verizon Wireless is already six months into its preparations for next year's big game, to be held at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

As CBS and Verizon compile results, Super Bowl streaming scores viewer points for quality

Live streaming may have a scored a decisive win during the Super Bowl on Sunday night, but not just in viewer numbers. Online watchers also saw a very reliable online video stream, with few major problems reported-- at least, anecdotally.

Parallel Wireless and partners put public safety LTE network to the test during Super Bowl 50

Thanks to a Special Temporary Authorization (STA) from the FCC and support from FirstNet, HetNet provider Parallel Wireless and its partners set up an LTE network for public safety to use during yesterday's Super Bowl. And it was all arranged with only about 20 days notice.

CBS works to conquer live-streaming tech issues as watershed Super Bowl event nears

As the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos work to refine their offensive and defensive schemes ahead of Super Bowl 50, so does CBS in regard to its live-streaming technology.

Live streaming latency: As Super Bowl preps its largest live stream ever, the OTT industry scurries to catch up to broadcast

Live streaming has come an awfully long way: from the early days of watching pandas mosey in and out of frame on simple, bandwidth-starved live cams to delivering this weekend's Super Bowl championship game to multiple millions of online and mobile viewers, the difference is huge. But providers are still trying to solve a nagging problem: delays in a streamed video's delivery as long as two minutes, which can ruin a sports fan's day.

Super Bowl, California fiber-optic network attacks could be linked: FBI

The FBI is considering the possibility that a string of fiber-optic cable cuts in the San Francisco Bay Area and the upcoming Super Bowl 50, to be played at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, might be connected.

NBC's Super Bowl stream logs 1.3M viewers, complaints of video delay

NBC Sports said it recorded the highest number of online viewers ever for a Super Bowl, 1.3 million, along with its highest-ever TV audience. What's more, use of connected devices--smart TVs and Wi-Fi-enabled tablets, for example--jumped 150 percent higher than normal during the live-streamed championship game.

What audience fragmentation? Super Bowl averages 114.4M viewers, is most watched TV show ever

Proving once again that football defies the atomization of the video program marketplace, NBC's presentation of Super Bowl XLIX Sunday was the most watched TV show of all time.

Goodell says NFL will aggressively pursue OTT as Super Bowl shows limits of live streaming

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell used his annual "State of the League" pre-Super Bowl address to announce that the league is looking to stream a regular season game for the first time. All previous live streams of National Football League games have involved playoffs or the Super Bowl.