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Latest Headlines

Apple crushes expectations with 43.7M iPhone sales

Apple easily beat analysts' expectations for iPhone sales in its most recent quarter, delivering 43.7 million iPhone unit sales. However, the company's iPad sales fell below analysts' expectations, and were lower than Apple's iPad sales in the year-ago period.

Ranking the wireless industry's 10 highest-paid CEOs

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the highest-paid CEO of them all?" In the wireless world, the answer to that question is Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.

Apple releases cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c- but not yet for U.S. market

Apple released a cheaper 8 GB iPhone 5c in its European online stores, but the gadget is not yet available online in the U.S. Apple also re-released its fourth-generation iPad tablet, which replaces the older iPad 2.

Reports: Samsung, Apple execs unable to reach settlement, will continue legal battle in March

According to a number of reports, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung co-CEO J.K. Shin held a meeting last week in an attempt to iron out the companies' ongoing legal battle over patent infringement. However, according to those reports, Cook and Shin were unable to reach an agreement on the issue and appear set to return to the courtroom in March to continue their dispute.

Apple's Cook: 'We're working on some really great stuff'

Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated what he is has been saying for months: that Apple will enter a new product category this year. The biggest and most likely bet is that Apple will get into wearable computing with some kind of smart watch, though Apple observers have also been speculating (for years) about an expanded TV offering.

UPDATED: Apple sells record 51M iPhones, slightly below expectations

Apple said it sold a record 51 million iPhones during its most recent quarter, which covered the critical holiday shopping season. Apple's iPhone sales figure was slightly lower than what an average of analysts expected. Apple also reported quarterly revenue of $57.6 billion and quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion.

They said what??!? Top wireless executive quotes of 2013

It's no secret that the vast majority of what wireless executives say in public is not surprising. Usually  it's a recitation of phrases, talking points and ideas they have made in the past that they are simply reinforcing.  However, every once in a while, in an interview or unguarded moment, wireless executives can let loose a whopper.

U.S. Cellular, Sprint's Boost to start selling iPhone 5s, 5c on Nov. 8

U.S. Cellular and Sprint prepaid brand Boost Mobile confirmed they will begin selling Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c models on Nov. 8, becoming the last major U.S. carriers to do so.

Reports: Apple makes cut in iPhone 5c orders

Apple has told the two companies that assemble its iPhones to cut orders for its lower-priced iPhone 5c, according to multiple reports, which could signal weaker-than-expected demand for the device compared to the more expensive iPhone 5s.

Gold glitters for Apple as iPhone 5s sells out in Europe

European technology fans lined up on Friday as the iPhone 5s and 5c finally went on sale in a number of countries across the globe, including the European markets of France, the UK and Germany.