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Latest Headlines

Civil rights group tout benefits of zero-rated data for low-income users

Zero-rated mobile data offerings may skirt net neutrality principles, but one civil rights group claims they're an effective way for low-income users to access broadband services.

FCC's Wheeler beckons AT&T, T-Mobile on mobile data policies

The FCC sent letters to AT&T, T-Mobile and Comcast asking them to come in and "have a discussion with us about some of the innovative things that they are doing." The letters centered on data policies, said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.

AT&T still 'very bullish' on Sponsored Data despite just 10 customers so far

LAS VEGAS--A full year after introducing the concept of Sponsored Data, AT&T Mobility is still highly enthused about the program's potential despite having signed up just 10 pilot program customers, according to a senior AT&T executive.

AT&T: 'Sponsored Data' toll-free data plans don't clash with net neutrality rules

AT&T Mobility said its new "Sponsored Data" toll-free data plans, which allow partners to subsidize customer data costs, do not violate the FCC's net neutrality rules. The carrier's statement came just a day after FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler indicated the commission will monitor the new plans and intervene if they develop into an anticompetitive practice or give preferential treatment.

FCC to monitor AT&T's 'Sponsored Data' toll-free data plans, could intervene

LAS VEGAS--FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the commission will observe AT&T Mobility's new toll-free data plans, which allow partners to subsidize consumer data, to ensure that they are not anticompetitive.

AT&T's Sponsored Data service isn't a threat, it's an innovation

LAS VEGAS--I think the biggest news so far to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show here is AT&T Mobility's announcement of "Sponsored Data," which will allow advertisers to cover the cost of data access to their services. At its core, AT&T's Sponsored Data service represents a welcome innovation from a carrier that too often plays catch up to its rivals.

Google joins with India's Bharti Airtel for toll-free wireless Internet service

Google joined with Indian operator Bharti Airtel to offer free access to certain Google-based services and Web search results in a unique teaming that highlights the possibilities for toll-free data plans.

AT&T's Stephenson: Favoring Sprint, T-Mobile in 600 MHz auction a 'big gamble'

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said structuring the rules of the upcoming incentive auctions of 600 MHz broadcast TV spectrum to favor Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile US would be a "big gamble."

Verizon's Shammo: Content providers see value in toll-free data model

Fueling the fire surrounding the likelihood of toll-free data coming to the U.S. market soon, Verizon Communications CFO Fran Shammo told investors at a Barclays Global Technology, Media and Telecommunications conference today that content providers are starting to see the value in paying the wireless operator for the data consumed by their subscribers when they view their content via a mobile device.

AT&T gauges consumer interest in toll-free data

AT&T is reportedly exploring what wireless customers think about the idea of having content providers foot the bill for some of the data those users consume.