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Latest Headlines

TRA says Viber not authorised to offer VoIP in UAE

UAE regulator the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) denies blocking access to over-the-top voice-over-IP (VoIP) service Viber, stating the service was never authorised for use in the market in the first place.

Apple iPhone 6 with VoLTE: Rumors heating up

The status of voice over LTE (VoLTE) in the iPhone 6 remains unsettled, but there are plenty of signs that Apple is preparing to include the technology in upcoming devices, if not now then sometime in the near future.

Range Networks, 2600hz claim open-source partnership enables common platform for cellular, VoIP

Range Networks' OpenBTS-based radio access networks (RANs) and 2600hz's Kazoo telecom services platform will be integrated to provide what the companies described as an all-software, all-IP wireless network architecture for mobile network operators and private network service providers.

Managing expectations in a high-speed telecoms world

This year has been something of a milestone in my personal technology user roadmap. First, I gained a 4G plan and smartphone (or LTE for the purists among us), and more recently my apartment was wired up with fibre optic technology that I hope will prove be an improvement on my previous slightly temperamental ADSL service.

Report: VoLTE lacks business case despite increase in rollouts

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is being hyped as a major growth market spin off from LTE network rollouts, yet analysts claim there is still no business case for VoLTE and that there are some misleading messages about the technology.

From easyMobile to NFV: a tale of virtual networks

More years ago than I care to remember, I journeyed to Nice in France to participate for the first time in what was then called Management World, organised by the Telemanagement Forum. My main reason for going? In all honesty, to hear EasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou discuss the business plan behind his easyMobile venture.

Infonetics: VoLTE fuels 37% Q1 growth in carrier VoIP and IMS

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) has fuelled 37 per cent year-on-year growth in the carrier VoIP and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) market in the first quarter of this year, according to latest figures from Infonetics Research.

Kineto adds Wi-Fi-calling services to white-label smartphone app

Kineto Wireless said a new suite of voice services for its downloadable Smart Comms application services will enable carriers to leverage their voice over LTE (VoLTE) or fixed IMS-based voice networks to offer voice-over-Wi-Fi calling, international VoIP calling, home line calling and second line service.

NSN: VoLTE better than OTT VoIP for carriers, customers

Over-the-top (OTT) voice over IP services are increasingly popular among mobile customers, who consider them less-expensive alternatives to standard cellular voice. But these services have significant performance shortcomings in comparison to voice over LTE (VoLTE) offerings that mobile operators can provide, according to Nokia Solutions and Networks.

Operators embrace Line, other OTT messaging players more- but still want to go their own way

Operators are hedging their bets when it comes to over the top (OTT) messaging, embracing specialised OTT companies on the one hand, while on the other continuing to develop their own OTT messaging strategies.