Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Qualcomm, NCTA continue to battle over FCC regulation of LTE-U, LAA

Representatives from Qualcomm and T-Mobile US argued this week that the FCC should not step in to regulate LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U) and related technologies. Meanwhile, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, speaking for many cable companies that have their own Wi-Fi networks, hit back hard against Qualcomm.

TelNet outfits Manassas City Public Schools with Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Manassas, Va.-based TelNet recently completed a project for the Manassas City Public Schools in which the company deployed 32,800 feet of Ethernet cable and 410 wireless access points to enable Wi-Fi access at eight schools in the area.

NASA researchers create Wi-Fi-powered chip tech for wearables to improve battery life

Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab, in combination with researchers at UCLA, are working on a Wi-Fi reflector chip that they say would drastically improve battery life in wearable devices by reducing the power needed to transmit or receive information to computers and cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Republic Wireless launches Project Salsa to test cellular-to-Wi-Fi handovers

Wi-Fi first service provider Republic Wireless kicked off a several week initiative, which it is calling Project Salsa, to test in-call two-way handover between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Researchers design indoor location solution using time of flight, Wi-Fi

Researchers at the IMDEA Networks Institute in Madrid, Spain, say they have come up with a way to improve indoor location positioning by using time-of-flight (ToF) measurements and adding software upgrades to commercial off-the-shelf 802.11 chipsets integrated into access points.

Verizon, Qualcomm lobby for LTE-U, Wi-Fi coexistence scheme

Verizon and Qualcomm presented a technical briefing on LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U) to the IEEE 802.19 group at the IEEE 802 Plenary Session last week, the purpose of which was to provide detailed technical information to 802.19 about LTE-U and to assist 802.19 in its work to advance coexistence among wireless technologies.

Google's Project Fi handoffs: Is it magic?

It's been less than a week since Google's Project Fi arrived at our door, but it's been enough time to come up with a few early impressions of the service. It's worth noting that there's still a "Project" in front of the endeavor.

Maravedis: Inside Sprint's Wi-Fi strategy

Over the past decade, investors, analysts and customers have fixated on Sprint's cellular network, particularly its struggles to accommodate the smartphone boom. But it's a mistake to overlook what Sprint is doing with Wi-Fi to improve coverage, expand its service portfolio, enhance its competitive position and minimize its postpaid churn, which is higher than those of its three largest rivals.

Will Sprint, Microsoft, Google and others give Wi-Fi aggregators a boost?

Wireless carriers, network vendors, smartphone makers and technology companies have been embracing Wi-Fi as key parts of their corporate strategy for a variety of reasons. However, some of the companies that are doing the actual work of aggregating those hotspots, including iPass, Boingo Wireless and TowerStream, don't have much to show for their efforts--at least, not yet.  Special report

Microsoft using iPass network to offer Wi-Fi

It looks as though Microsoft is getting a little help from its friends at iPass in order to offer Wi-Fi.