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Latest Headlines

Startup Velmenni moves Li-Fi from lab to real-world tests

New Delhi startup Velmenni is moving its Li-Fi technology from the research lab to real-world tests. The company's CEO told the  International Business Times UK  that it has started testing the technology within offices and industrial environments in Tallinn, Estonia.

Vodafone hails first 'live' LTE trial aggregating licensed and unlicensed spectrum

Vodafone said it has become the first network operator in the world to successfully trial LTE carrier aggregation on a live network using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum, as it investigates new ways to deal with rapidly growing mobile data usage.

Transit Wireless wraps latest phase of huge DAS system for NYC subway stations

Transit Wireless, the company that is installing wireless network infrastructure throughout the New York City subway system, believes it has come up with a way to better serve the customers of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile US and Sprint when they catch their trains.

Midcontinent to deploy in-home 'intelligent Wi-Fi network' with vendor AirTies

Midcontinent Communications said it plans to provide new Wi-Fi access points to its customers from AirTies Wireless Networks in a bid to improve the performance of customers' home Wi-Fi networks.

TWC expands Wi-Fi network to North Carolina, now up to only 125,000 hotspots

Time Warner Cable confirmed it has only deployed 125,000 public hotspots nationwide.

Boingo sees boost in venues' move away from single-carrier DAS

As more venues get fed up with single-carrier distributed antenna systems (DAS), Boingo Wireless is reaping the benefits as the venue owners or managers are opting to add Wi-Fi, thereby serving more customers.

UPDATED: Wi-Fi Alliance presents coexistence guidelines; LTE-Forum revises specs to ensure LTE-U coexistence with Wi-Fi

While the Wi-Fi Alliance conducted its first workshop aimed at harmonizing Wi-Fi and LTE-U yesterday, the LTE-U Forum, based on feedback from the Wi-Fi community, has revised  its specifications for LTE-U to be "doubly sure" that LTE-U coexists with Wi-Fi and to provide a "smooth upgrade path" from LTE-U to LAA.

MIT researchers use Wi-Fi to track silhouettes through walls

Researchers at MIT have developed a Wi-Fi technology capable of seeing people through walls and other structures, which could have applications for powering virtual reality, smart homes and Hollywood film stages. The research is a follow-on to technology the researchers previously demonstrated that could help firefighters determine if there are living people in a burning building.

Comcast continues to hint at wireless plans, says NBC will likely give up spectrum in incentive auction

Comcast executives said the company's NBCUniversal unit will "likely" give up spectrum to the FCC as part of the agency's incentive auction of TV broadcasters' 600 MHz spectrum. However, Comcast Cable chief Neil Smit said the company hasn't yet decided whether it will participate as a bidder in the auction in order to purchase spectrum.

With Verizon MVNO and 10M hotspots, Comcast poised to fight for wireless share

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Comcast will combine its 10 million Wi-Fi spots with its Verizon MVNO agreement, plus some new spectrum it picks up at the FCC's upcoming incentive auction, to launch the first successful cable mobile virtual network operator.