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Latest Headlines

Mimosa wants FCC to open 10.0-10.5 GHz band for backhaul

Two-year-old startup Mimosa Networks wants the FCC to open up the 10.0-10.5 GHz band for lightly licensed broadband services that would share the spectrum with the band's current users--ham radio operators as well as federal and non-federal radiolocation services.

Fastback touts a twist in backhaul multipoint capability

Startup Fastback Networks said its lineup of backhaul radios now includes support for what it describes as "multi-point-to-point (M-PTP)" architectures, flipping the traditional terminology of point to multipoint (PMP).

SDN-driven backhaul could save carriers $9B by 2017, says study

Software-defined networking (SDN) could save operators $9 billion in mobile backhaul-related operating expenses by 2017 as they gain the ability to dynamically manage traffic and backhaul bandwidth, according to fresh research.

TE Connectivity combining power, fiber into one system for small cell backhaul

A major problem impacting small cell placement is that there is often no power in the location where a carrier wants to locate a small cell, or if there is power, it can only be delivered following complicated negotiations with building owners, utility companies or municipalities. TE Connectivity is trying to tackle those issues with a new system that combines a power supply and optical fiber communications into a single system, eliminating the need for local power to small cells.

CENX unveils Ethernet service orchestration software with a customer win

PALO ALTO, Calif.--CENX launched its Ethernet Lifecycle Manager solution with a multimillion-dollar order from a Tier 1 service provider, which will use the platform across its 4G mobile backhaul network.

Alcatel-Lucent creates database of 600,000 potential small cell sites

Site acquisition and delivery of backhaul and power are widely documented gating factors restricting extensive deployments of outdoor small cells. Alcatel-Lucent hopes to alleviate those challenges via a site certification program that brings together a variety of partners, which have contributed to a database of more than half a million sites suitable for small cells.

ABI: LTE small cells driving backhaul growth

The market for small cell backhaul equipment to grow to over $5 billion (€3.65 billion) in 2018, up from a forecast $487 million for 2013 representing a 48 per cent CAGR, according to latest research by ABI.

Google's Project Loon is full of hot air, contends famed balloonist

The enthusiasm accompanying Google's Project Loon global wireless Internet project is seriously misplaced, according to balloonist Per Lindstrand, who says he tried to talk Google out of the effort.

Operators starting to plug LTE backhaul's security gap

LTE transmissions have a massive security vulnerability in that backhaul traffic from the eNodeB station to the IP core is unencrypted. Some operators have begun implementing IPsec to address this issue, but many have not because IPsec use is optional.

Crown Castle: Need for more network capex, tower space is not going away

Mobile operators are not going to suddenly stop investing in their networks once they've fully deployed LTE, said Jay Brown, CFO of tower company Crown Castle International.