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Latest Headlines

Time Warner announces massive Hotspot 2.0 deployment

Time Warner Cable confirmed its rollout out of "TWCWiFi-Passpoint," a national Wi-Fi network that includes Hotspot 2.0 technology on most of its public access points as well as upgraded encryption.

Ranking the wireless industry's 10 highest-paid CEOs

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the highest-paid CEO of them all?" In the wireless world, the answer to that question is Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.

AT&T, Sprint and Verizon omit download booster from their Samsung Galaxy S5 variants

When Samsung announced its Galaxy S5 smartphone in February during the 2014 Mobile World Congress trade show, one of the device's highly touted features was the download booster, which bonds Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneously to accelerate the download of large files. However, the feature is absent from AT&T's recently released version of the device and is also not being offered in variants offered by Sprint or Verizon Wireless.

Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots reach 1M milestone

Comcast announced that it now has 1 million U.S. Wi-Fi hotspots. The news was released amid rumors that the cable MSO is thinking of launching a Wi-Fi-centric wireless service.

Verizon OKs u-blox module for LTE-based M2M devices

For a long time, it seemed that most M2M applications, which do not require LTE data speeds or latency, might remain on low-cost 2G and 3G networks rather than migrating to LTE. However, the rapid rollout of LTE has made the air interface increasingly attractive to companies that want to future-proof their devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Comparing Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile network latency results

3G and LTE latency speeds do not get a lot of attention, even though numerous operators have cited improved latency as a major reason behind the push to LTE.

AT&T plans 100 new hires to build its virtualized network

AT&T is hiring 100 "innovators" to develop its virtualized network of the future and has already posted two sample job descriptions on its site.

SoftBank execs check out Qualcomm's NASCAR small cell test

When Qualcomm asked if I'd be interested in hopping on a plane to Phoenix some 24 hours after returning home from the Mobile World Congress trade show in Spain, I hesitated. But I relented because I knew the trip would give me an up-close glimpse at the vendor's small cell network that it had deployed over Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Qualcomm, Sprint accelerate NASCAR small cell experiment

AVONDALE, Ariz.--Qualcomm made the Phoenix International Raceway a test bed for hyper-dense small cell deployment this month during NASCAR's popular Sprint Cup Series, showing how the compay's UltraSON software and Qualcomm Atheros chipsets can be used to lay out small cell networks with minimal or no RF planning.

NSN, Optus score 1.7 Gbps downlink using six bands

Nokia Solutions and Networks said commercially available equipment was used to deliver an aggregate downlink of 1.7 Gbps from a single site on Optus' live network in Sydney, Australia.