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Latest Headlines

Intel's modem 'a virtual certainty' to be in some iPhone 7s models, analyst says

Intel should finally throw in the towel on the mobile business if it can't score a deal to get its chips into a high-profile handset, according to Will Strauss of Forward Concepts. But the market research firm is confident the company's wares will make their way into at least some upcoming iPhones.

Gartner: Worldwide semiconductor capital spending to decline 2% in 2016

Worldwide semiconductor capital spending is projected to decline 2 per cent in 2016 to $62.8 billion (€55 billion).

Cypress to pay $550M to acquire Broadcom's IoT business

Cypress Semiconductor said it will spend $550 million to acquire Broadcom's IoT business in the latest move centered on the burgeoning market of connected devices.

Gartner: Worldwide semiconductor revenue expected to decline 0.6% in 2016

Gartner predicted that worldwide semiconductor revenue will fall by 0.6 per cent to $333 billion (€296 million) in 2016 due to weakened demand for key electronic equipment, elevated inventory levels, and the continuing impact of the strong U.S. dollar in some regions.

Gartner: Global semiconductor revenue fell 2.3% in 2015

Worldwide semiconductor revenue totalled $334.8 billion (€294 billion) in 2015, a 2.3 per cent decline from 2014.

Nvidia sues Qualcomm, claiming 'unlawful abuse of dominance' forced the shutdown of Icera

Nvidia is suing Qualcomm in London for unfairly forcing it to pull the plug on the Icera business it bought in 2011, Bloomberg reported.

Intel: Build security into Internet of Things, 5G at chip level

While cyber attackers are turning their attention to the Internet of Things (IoT) at an alarming rate, an Intel Security expert says the time is now to start tackling what is only going to become an even bigger target for cyber attacks.

Ericsson sees rise in Wi-Fi calling devices after interoperability tests with MediaTek

Ericsson said the availability of Wi-Fi calling compatible mobile devices will be boosted by a collaboration with Taiwan-headquartered chipset vendor MediaTek.

Qualcomm Technologies says 1 Gbps-capable LTE modem a step towards 5G

Qualcomm Technologies said the launch of sample quantities of the industry's first gigabit-class LTE modem is an important step towards 5G.

Qualcomm intros Gigabit class LTE modem, the Snapdragon X16

Posing the question: "Is it 4G or 5G?" in its marketing material, Qualcomm Technologies introduced its sixth-generation discrete LTE multimode chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, which it says is the first commercially announced Gigabit Class LTE chipset designed to deliver fiber-like LTE Category 6 download speeds of up to 1 Gbps.