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Latest Headlines

Ericsson, NSN and NYU Wireless ramp up 5G efforts

Ericsson has become the ninth major international technology firm to join NYU Wireless as an affiliate sponsor, giving added momentum to the research center's efforts one week before the start of its inaugural Brooklyn 5G Summit, which is being jointly organized with Nokia Solutions and Networks.

Google and Facebook conjuring up drone magic, but the public has concerns

Google's acqusition of drone maker Titan Aerospace, which followed Facebook's newly announced initiative with drone maker Ascenta, reflects tech magicians' visions for new ways of enabling Internet connectivity. But John Q. Public is less than enthusiastic about unmanned aerial vehicles, perhaps because drones can also serve as flying broomsticks for the wicked witches of surveillance.

Cisco, TI recruit partners in IoT ecosystem

Cisco Systems and Texas Instruments are both staking claims in the Internet of Things space by forming partnerships with other companies in hopes of advancing this emerging area. Specifically, TI partnered with eight IoT cloud service providers and Cisco launched a challenge to help IoT startups get more visibility.

AT&T's Foundry prototyping cloud infrastructure

AT&T's Foundries--the carrier's innovation centers--have been set up in key locations across the globe in order to help the carrier more effectively innovate and compete. And according to Mark Nagel, executive director of marketing for AT&T Foundry, the carrier has used its Foundries specifically to prototype cloud infrastructure technologies. 

Anite makes a stand with 4x4 MIMO device testing

UK testing technology provider Anite declared it is the first to offer testing of 4x4 downlink (DL) MIMO device designs and products to chipset and device manufacturers.

Freescale and Broadcom each take aim at SDN, NFV

Freescale and Broadcom both have software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) on their minds and in their chip portfolios.

LTE not getting a chance to strut its stuff, report says

Mobile video may be the king of data hogs, but Signals Research Group contends that other types of data traffic--such as update pings generated by Facebook and other "chatty" applications that constantly query the network for updates--are actually consuming a disproportionate amount of network resources. Not only that, these types of data traffic do not take advantage of LTE features such as MIMO, meaning operators and vendors need to look elsewhere to enable more efficiencies, the firm said.

Verizon OKs u-blox module for LTE-based M2M devices

For a long time, it seemed that most M2M applications, which do not require LTE data speeds or latency, might remain on low-cost 2G and 3G networks rather than migrating to LTE. However, the rapid rollout of LTE has made the air interface increasingly attractive to companies that want to future-proof their devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Intel exec: 5G will redefine how we measure network performance

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--The term "5G" is still amorphous and not yet a standard, but it will likely involve a radical rethinking of how the industry defines metrics for how users experience the network, according to an Intel executive.

Google Project Loon: Around the world in 22 days

Google keeps whetting the public's appetite for its airborne Internet effort dubbed Project Loon. In its latest missive, posted on Google+, the company relayed the journey of Loon balloon Ibis-167, which circumnavigated the earth in 22 days by riding stratospheric winds.