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Latest Headlines

FirstNet's hunt for a replacement GM may enable a fresh start

The surprise announcement that Bill D'Agostino, the First Responders Network Authority's general manager, has resigned, could provide a fresh start for the authority, which is still struggling to satisfy critics in the public-safety community.

Motorola Solutions banking 100% on government, public-safety

Motorola Solutions, bolstered by its early success in public-safety LTE, is selling off its enterprise business to Zebra Technologies for $3.45 billion cash, enabling Motorola to focus exclusively on mission-critical communications for government and public-safety customers.

Inflight Wi-Fi providers allegedly cut wiretap deals with feds

Some inflight Wi-Fi providers have allegedly voluntarily exceeded the requirements of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, or CALEA, by providing U.S. law enforcement and the National Security Agency (NSA) with additional surveillance or control capabilities not provided for by the law. Further, it is unclear what the full scope of those capabilities might be.

TCS to study improved geo-targeting for wireless emergency alerts

It can be mighty frustrating to receive an emergency alert on your cell phone regarding a situation 150 or more miles away, and it might even convince you to switch off reception of emergency alerts on your handset. The government apparently recognizes that is a problem and has awarded a contract to TeleCommunication Systems (TCS), which will work on the first phase of a research study aimed at enhancing geo-targeting methods based upon cell site propagation footprints for delivery of wireless emergency alerts.

Alcatel-Lucent sells LGS, which can now chase more U.S. government deals

Saying the "new ownership structure unlocks new markets and growth opportunities," private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners and CoVant announced completion of their cash acquisition of LGS Innovations from Alcatel-Lucent.

FirstNet's GM: 'We will deliver this network for public safety'

Bill D'Agostino, general manager of the First Responders Network Authority (FirstNet), pledged openness and transparency as plans for the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) are crafted.

LTE finding a home in military, tactical deployments, report says

LTE is gaining traction as an alternative to proprietary, on-off communications used by military organizations worldwide, according to a fresh report from SNS Research.

Axell DAS supports first responders at World Trade Center complex

The newly constructed World Trade Center complex in New York City also has a new distributed antenna system (DAS)  that was installed by Axell Wireless to support a bevy of public-safety users. More than five miles of high-capacity optical fiber was laid to create what is the largest U.S. public-safety DAS, Axell said.

FirstNet leases space for technical HQ in Colorado, prepares to hire 100 employees

The First Responders Network Authority (FirstNet), charged with building a nationwide LTE network for use by public safety, has leased space in Boulder, Colo., for its technical headquarters and will begin hiring staffers for the facility starting this month.

Oceus says sharing AWS-3 spectrum could work to military's advantage

Oceus Networks has told the FCC that a bi-directional sharing framework providing military access to the paired 1755-1780 MHz and 2155-2180 MHz bands could fulfill training requirements on remote bases and ranges with limited impact to auction revenues.