Small Cells and Offloading

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Latest Headlines

Qualcomm runs more tests to prove LTE-U, LAA are not Wi-Fi's enemy

Responding to claims that LTE Unlicensed (LTE-U) will interfere with Wi-Fi under certain conditions, Qualcomm ran additional tests to show that LTE-U not only plays nice with Wi-Fi, but it also protects Wi-Fi to a greater degree than Wi-Fi protects itself.

Westell Technologies' ClearLink DAS addresses "near-far" data problem

Westell Technologies introduced the ClearLink DAS, a distributed antenna system that the company says can solve the "near-far" issue. In other words, when a device gets a data signal from a DAS and a simultaneous signal from a distant macro tower, performance can be degraded.

Report: Sprint to deploy 70K small cells nationwide with help of a network partner

Sprint will launch a project this month that ultimately will involve the deployment of 70,000 small cells, according to a report by RBC Capital Markets analysts Jonathan Atkin and Brian Hyun.

New NTIA report eases concerns over potential interference from small cells in 3.5 GHz spectrum

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released a report that analyzes potential interference in the 3.5 GHz band, which is considered viable for small cell use. Google and other advocates will likely view the report as a positive for the spectrum, as exclusion zones with restricted usage are now believed to be much smaller.

InSite Wireless Group acquires distributed antenna systems from Capital Tower Group

InSite Wireless Group acquired several distributed antenna systems (DAS) from Capital Tower Group. Terms of the transaction were not announced.

Small Cell Forum tackles 5G in Release 5.1

While a lot of discussions are underway about 5G and what exactly it will entail, one thing is widely expected: It will involve ever-smaller cells, one very good reason for the Small Cell Forum to get involved in the early discussions about 5G.

Analyst: Tower companies will benefit from wireless operator drive to densify networks

The U.S. wireless industry will add more than 2,000 wireless towers over the next three years. And that does not include small cell deployments, which could be in the tens of thousands. These...

Jarich's Mid-Year Musings: Watches and small cells and consumer IoT and 4G+ (oh my!)

In case you hadn't noticed, we're rapidly approaching the start of summer…and summer holidays. For many, this means a time to slow down, benefitting from the mandated 50 weeks of annual vacation you have coming. In America, it's a time to look at our European colleagues with a jealous, despising eye. On a more positive note, it's also a time to look forward to the next six months of 2015, and maybe back at what's happened so far this year.

Analysts: Small cell growth declines in 2015

The growth rate of small cells and distributed antenna systems (DAS) is down in 2015 compared to 2014, according to Wells Fargo analysts Jennifer Fritzsche, Caleb Stein and Eric Luebchow. But that will likely change in 2016.

Nex-Tech Wireless deploys Airvana's C-RAN solution at Kansas campus

Nex-Tech Wireless deployed an Airvana cloud RAN (C-RAN) solution, called the OneCell, to improve wireless coverage for a graduation ceremony at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. The C-RAN architecture covered the university's 7,600-seat Gross Coliseum and was used to eliminate cell border interference.