M2M and Connected Devices

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Latest Headlines

GM expects $350M in profit over next 3 years due to AT&T LTE deal

General Motors expects to report around $350 million in profit during the next three years thanks to its partnership with AT&T Mobility to bring LTE to its cars, according to GM's financial chief.

AT&T's Drive Studio lets the carrier test the connected cars of the future

ATLANTA--In a nondescript parking garage here, past a set of locked white doors, is AT&T Mobility's Drive Studio, its showcase for connected car technologies. Conceived in 2013 and opened in January 2014, Drive Studio serves as a test bed for AT&T and its partners to tinker on real cars.

AT&T will focus on use cases to market connected cars, smart homes and digital lifestyle

ATLANTA--AT&T Mobility has bet big on moving into new areas like connected cars, smart homes and the Internet of Things, banking on them to drive revenue growth for years to come. However, the company is still working on how best to market this connected lifestyle to consumers.

Facebook refines drones, plans for solar power on wings

At its F8 conference in San Francisco and on Facebook, the social network responsible for much of the traffic on mobile devices let the world know it is also looking out for the future, with a successful first test flight of a solar-powered drone in the UK.

Ericsson will help Tier 3 carriers in Internet of Things push

ATLANTA--Ericsson wants to help Tier 3 carriers expand their business into the Internet of Things, according to an Ericsson executive. However, challenges await smaller carriers looking to expand beyond providing traditional voice and data services to consumers.

Bluetooth SIG says more real world tests needed on TLPS

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group backed up its previous assertions that terrestrial low power service interferes with Bluetooth with a series of more detailed reports filed with the FCC.

Amazon: FAA too slow on drone test approvals

Remember the Amazon drone the Federal Aviation Administration approved for outdoor testing in rural Washington state? Turns out, it's a little too late, according to Amazon.

Panasonic contributes intellectual property to AllSeen Alliance

Panasonic is making available for the open source community a set of Internet of Things (IoT) software products used in home monitoring, solar energy and retail applications. It also is increasing its intellectual property contributions to the AllSeen Alliance.

Schmidt: Google Glass dream isn't shattered just yet

Google isn't giving up on Google Glass, its high-tech eyeglasses, according to Chairman Eric Schmidt. In mid-January, Google announced it was ending its Glass "Explorer" program, which it launched in April 2013 to allow software developers to buy pre-production versions of Google Glass for $1,500 for testing.

Google's Schmidt: We're not done with Google Glass

Google isn't giving up on Google Glass, its high-tech eyeglasses, according to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.