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Latest Headlines

ZigBee Alliance aims to unify with ZigBee 3.0 for easier product development, adoption

While it might seem as though new efforts aimed at standardizing the Internet of Things (IoT) are coming out every other month, the companies behind the old standard ZigBee are giving it a new, more cohesive whirl.

Intel to merge mobile chip unit into PC group

Intel is going to merge its chipset unit targeting smartphones and tablets with it PC chip unit, arguing that the distinction is blurring between different computing models.

Google-backed Thread Group racks up new members to work on Internet of Things

The Google-backed Thread Group that launched in July isn't officially releasing its membership numbers just yet, but the president of the group says interest is growing and membership sign-ups are accelerating.

Samsung pushes further into smart home, digital healthcare and virtual reality at developer conference

Samsung Electronics kicked off its second annual developer conference with a bevy of announcements intended to ignite enthusiasm around its software for its wearable, digital health, virtual reality and smart home solutions.

GCI, WellAware partner on remote oil and gas field monitoring

Alaskan telecommunications provider GCI is partnering with oil and gas monitoring and optimization provider WellAware on a deal to provide oil and gas field operators access to advanced analytics of their remote operations. The partnership will be managed by GCI Industrial Telecom.

Verizon teams up with Georgia Tech on Internet of Things, wearables

Verizon Wireless has entered into a multiyear research partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, with the objective of fostering development of new technology solutions in for the Internet of Things, including the areas of telematics, wearables and LTE network enhancements.

Kore Wireless to acquire M2M provider RacoWireless

Kore Wireless Group is acquiring fellow M2M company RacoWireless in an all-cash transaction. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Redline gets $2.7M contract to build M2M network for oil company in Argentina

The oil and gas industry has been a promising one for machine-to-machine communications, and Redline Communications Group is making it a priority. The Toronto-based company recently received a $2.7 million contract to provide the first phase of a high-speed wireless network for a local Argentina subsidiary of a "super major" energy company.

Germany's Fraunhofer Institute prepares to show off Li-Fi hotspot at Electronica

The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden, Germany, is ready to shine the light on its communication modules that can wirelessly transfer data at a speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second over a distance of up to 10 meters.

Internet of Things ecosystem to reach 30B 'things' by 2020, but revenue opportunities still murky

There's little dispute that the Internet of Things represents huge growth and seemingly endless business opportunities, but understanding exactly where the revenue opportunities lie is another matter.