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Latest Headlines

Level 3 says business, wholesale voice providers should be able to design privacy solutions

Level 3 Communications says that if the FCC moves to place privacy regulations on wholesale and enterprise voice, the regulator should update the current regulations because the needs of this segment differ from consumer voice services.

NYT says FCC proposal threatens to replace one set of powerful gatekeepers with a new one: Google

In a New York Times op-ed, antitrust lawyer Jonathan Kanter lauds the basic premise of the FCC's controversial "Unlock the Box" NPRM on pay-TV set-tops. But he warns that in developing the proposal, the agency has hooked its wagon to Google, a giant company that could potentially wreak far more havoc than just charging customers too much for cable boxes.

Cable industry urges FCC to go slow on ATSC 3.0 rollout

Cable lobbying groups the NCTA and ACA have both petitioned the FCC, asking the agency not to burden cable systems with the new ATSC 3.0 technology standard being adopted by the broadcast industry.

U.S. Supreme Court opts not to hear Sprint's appeal in $300M tax case

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from Sprint to avoid a $300 million lawsuit filed by New York state claiming the carrier deliberately under-collected and underpaid hundreds of millions of dollars in state and local taxes over seven years.

Netflix defeated in Relativity Media streaming dispute

Netflix's exclusive streaming deal with Relativity Media doesn't mean it gets to release two upcoming films from the production company on its streaming service ahead of their official theatrical release, a judge said Friday in a bankruptcy hearing.

Verizon's striking wireline employees will return to work Wednesday

Verizon's wireline workers represented by the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will return to work on Wednesday, June 1 after reaching a tentative agreement with the company on Friday.

Congress warns FCC that set-top proposal could hurt small cable operators

A bi-partisan group of U.S. Senators has written FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, warning him that his "Unlock the Box" set-top proposal could harm smaller cable operators.

Qualcomm seeks FCC permission to conduct 3.5 GHz tests in California

Qualcomm is seeking permission from the FCC to conduct tests in the 3560-3650 MHz frequency range in California over the course of 12 months.

T-Mobile: AT&T/EchoStar proposal threatens success of terrestrial use at 28 GHz

Make no mistake: T-Mobile does not like the proposal put forth by AT&T and EchoStar that would give primary status to satellite earth stations operating in the 28 GHz band as part of the rules for spectrum bands above 24 GHz.

Support for encryption legislation wanes following Apple's standoff with authorities

An effort to propose a law creating a "back door" enabling law-enforcement agencies to access data on encrypted devices is dead, according to  Reuters.