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Latest Headlines

iPhone users cite video buffering as biggest annoyance

A survey of 2,000 Apple iPhone users in the UK and U.S. has revealed that they find poor mobile video streaming more annoying than a dropped call and are rapidly losing patience with video buffering.

Samsung Electronics turns to Gemalto to speed rollout of Samsung Pay in Europe

Gemalto teamed with Samsung to speed the rollout of Samsung Pay, the South Korean company's mobile payment service, in Europe.

Analysts: Verizon, AT&T could embrace leasing over EIP, might partner with Apple on leasing ventures

U.S. wireless carriers will eventually shift to smartphone leasing and away from equipment installment plans, according to analysts at Macquarie Capital. Further, they think the operators could get a boost in leasing by partnering with Apple, which would stand to benefit from a move to leasing.

Will 'playable data' bring real-world context and change the mobile gaming experience?

What if information from the real world could change or alter what happens in a mobile game on a consumer's smartphone in real time? It's a concept called "playable data," which could bring in news, weather, stocks or a host of other information that could influence what happens on a touchscreen.  Special report

Report: Google killed project that would have sent notifications through Google Maps, beacons

Google decided to scrap a product that would have used Google Maps and users' locations to send notifications to users when they entered specified locations, according to a  Fortune  report. Alphabet CEO Larry Page, formerly Google's chief, decided to kill the project earlier this year because it was deemed too invasive and the search giant was unsure whether retail partners would have helped Google enable the program.

Apple teams with Cisco to create 'fast lane' to optimize iOS business data traffic

Apple and Cisco Systems are collaborating to optimize Cisco's networking gear for iOS enterprise users, part of a larger push Apple is making to get its iPhones and iPads into more business customers' hands.

Startup Nextbit unveils Android phone that frees up storage via the cloud

What if your smartphone knew which apps you used most often, and temporarily deleted the ones you didn't use much at all from your phone by pushing them to the cloud, freeing up storage space in the process? What if it did the same thing for your old photos you never look at? Those are the kinds of innovations that startup Nextbit hopes will win it converts in the cutthroat smartphone market as it prepares to sell its first phone, called Robin.

HTC's Chou takes up new post at visual effects firm Digital Domain

Former HTC CEO Peter Chou is staying with the struggling smartphone maker but is also taking on another role: executive director at Hong Kong-based digital effects company Digital Domain.

BlackBerry's Chen acknowledges need for more apps as rumored Android phone appears in new leaked photos

BlackBerry CEO John Chen admitted that his company's smartphones still do not give customers access to enough apps to be competitive with Apple's iPhones or those running Google's Android platform. And while Chen stopped short of confirming that the company is producing a phone running on Android, new photos of the rumored gadget popped up online.  

Verizon: Existing customers with 2-year contracts and subsidized smartphones can keep them

Verizon Wireless is clarifying that despite its recent introduction of new plans that do away with two-year contracts and subsidized smartphones for new customers, existing customers who have two-year contracts can renew them and keep getting subsidized phones.