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Latest Headlines

Sharp to begin production of OLED panels next year, potentially benefiting Apple

Sharp will begin shipping OLED panels next year in a move that may give Apple a third potential supplier of displays for the iPhone.

IDC: Wearables shipments to reach 2.5M units in CEE by 2020

DC predicted that smart wearables and basic wearables shipments in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will increase by 121.11 per cent between 2015 and 2020 to reach 2.5 million units.

Report: Huawei developing its own mobile OS

Huawei is developing its own mobile operating system as a "contingency measure" in case Google gets too heavy-handed with its own Android platform, according to a new report from  The Information.

Analysts: Don't expect BlackBerry to quit hardware just yet

BlackBerry may still be struggling to find a market for its Priv handset, but analysts don't expect the company to throw in the towel on its hardware business just yet.

The next iPhone said to offer only modest modifications

Apple will make only minor modifications to the iPhone models expected to be released this fall, waiting until next year to release a version with more substantial design changes, according to a  Wall Street Journal  report.

LeEco buys land in Silicon Valley ahead of U.S. smartphone launch

The Chinese tech firm LeEco paid Yahoo $250 million for a nearly 50-acre development site in Silicon Valley as it prepares to enter the U.S. smartphone market.

Qualcomm proffers solution to improve uplink speeds

While LTE network download speeds have steadily improved over the years, the same cannot be said of upload speeds. In fact – and this may come as a surprise-- they haven't improved one iota, according to Qualcomm, but that's about to change.

Report: Samsung to boost OLED production to meet Apple's demand

Samsung will ramp up production of OLED displays by more than 50 percent to meet demand from Apple and other smartphone vendors, according to a report from  Nikkei.

Huawei sees 'unprecedented global sales' of flagship P9, P9 Plus

Huawei said it has seen "unprecedented global sales" for its P9 and P9 Plus handsets, shipping 2.6 million of the phones within the first six weeks of availability as its share of the worldwide smartphone market rose to 8.5 percent. But whether the Chinese firm can ever effectively tap the U.S. market is still far from clear.

IDC: Wearables shipments to reach 214M globally in 2020

IDC predicted that worldwide shipments of wearable devices will reach 101.9 million units by the end of 2016.