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Latest Headlines

AT&T cautions that its WCS spectrum licenses in the C and D Blocks 'remain encumbered'

AT&T said its executives met last week with top FCC officials over concerns that the C and D Blocks of AT&T's WCS spectrum licenses are still affected by rules designed to prevent interference with other services.

J.P. Morgan: FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction likely to fetch only $25B to $35B

The FCC's upcoming incentive auction of TV broadcasters' 600 MHz licenses is likely to fetch only $25 billion to $35 billion in total winning bids, or roughly $1 to $2 per MHz/POP, according to J.P. Morgan. That's far below the $2.68 MHz/POP generated by the landmark AWS-3 auction that ended a year ago with almost $45 billion in total bids. It's also less than half of some analysts' estimates for the upcoming 600 MHz auction.

Report: Columbia Capital, other investment firms eye FCC's 600 MHz incentive auction

Some major cable companies have expressed lukewarm interest in the FCC's upcoming incentive auction of TV broadcasters' 600 MHz spectrum, but at least one Beltway-area investment firm is planning to participate, according to The Washington Post.

Charter unlikely to participate in incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum

Charter Communications is the latest cable company to take a lukewarm view of the FCC's upcoming 600 MHz spectrum auction, saying it's unlikely to participate. Like some other wireline service providers, Charter had been seen as a potential dark horse to leverage the spectrum sale to elbow its way into the mobile market.

Czech regulator maps out spectrum auctions and other tasks for 2016

The Czech Telecommunication Office laid out its spectrum auction agenda for 2016, noting that its tasks include the sale of remaining frequencies in the 1800 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands as well as new allocations in the 3.6-3.8 GHz bands

T-Mobile continues to fight AT&T's efforts to acquire low-band spectrum in rural areas

T-Mobile continued to urge the FCC to deny AT&T's request to acquire low-band spectrum in a handful of rural markets, claiming the move is "AT&T's latest attempt to raise its rivals' costs at the expense of consumers."

AT&T bolsters LTE coverage in Texas with Peoples Wireless' 700 MHz spectrum

The FCC approved AT&T's purchase of two 700 MHz licenses from Peoples Wireless in Texas. AT&T said the action would allow the carrier to deploy 10x10 MHz LTE carrier aggregation in the state to improve its coverage and its network performance.

Tight carrier budgets may lead to disappointing 600 MHz auction revenues for FCC

The FCC's upcoming auction of 600 MHz spectrum may net less money for the government than is expected, according to a report from Bloomberg Business. Pricing wars and slowing growth among wireless carriers "have left some potential bidders cash-constrained," the piece notes, and the auction may generate only $33 billion-- far short of estimates that have ranged from $45 billion to $85 billion.

Qualcomm, Ericsson, Red conduct spectrum sharing technology pilot in France

Ericsson, Qualcomm and French technology start-up Red Technologies are taking part in a pilot to test new technology designed to enable the sharing of licensed spectrum bands to improve spectral efficiency and flexibility.

Spectrum auctions, Wi-Fi calling and the shifting regulatory landscape for M&A drive European mobile transformation in 2015- Year in Review

We've reached that point when we look back at some of the biggest events to have taken place this year. We have focused on five key trends: spectrum policy and auctions; VoWi-Fi and VoLTE; the emergence of Altice; the changing stance on M&A at EU level; and the decline of smartphone shipments in Europe.