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Latest Headlines

Huge $86B clearing cost could lead to extended incentive auction

The FCC will truly need to see a "spectrum extravaganza" during the forward auction of 600 MHz airwaves if the event is going to be completed anytime soon.

Verizon, AT&T and others can't afford Dish's spectrum: MoffettNathanson

MoffettNathanson lowered its rating for Dish Network, saying that while the company's mid-band spectrum is theoretically valuable, major U.S. carriers simply can't afford to buy it.

Qualcomm hunts for carrier support for MulteFire

Qualcomm is pushing its MulteFire technology aggressively. The MulteFire Alliance, which was founded in December 2015, includes heavyweights such as Ericsson and Nokia, and new members include Cisco, SoftBank, and Neul, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huawei. The group is slated to release the final technical spec for the technology later this year.

Wheeler seeks new rules to open 'vast amounts of spectrum for 5G'

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said he'll ask the Commission next month to approve new rules "that will identify and open up vast amounts of spectrum for 5G applications."

CTIA lobbies FCC to release high-band spectrum for 5G

CTIA released a new report outlining the importance of high-band spectrum for 5G in an effort to spur the FCC to free up "thousands of new MHz" of the airwaves.

3GPP approves Band 70, allowing Dish to combine three spectrum blocks

The 3GPP formally approved Band 70, just as satellite TV provider Dish Network said it would.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots to grow to 432M globally by 2020, suggesting possible threat to carriers

For years, the growth of wireless carriers has been so rapid that cellular data providers have been worried about hitting the limit on spectrum availability, leading them to implement now-regular limits on monthly data consumption. But a surge in Wi-Fi hotspots that Cisco projects in its latest Visual Networking Index Forecast could have a more pronounced impact as internet traffic gets offloaded back onto Wi-Fi networks.

Dish still confident it can effectively monetize its spectrum, Jefferies says

Dish Network executives maintain that the company will be able to effectively monetize its spectrum and aren't worried about missing the FCC's deadline for leveraging those airwaves, according to analysts at Jefferies.

Dish 'materially improves' spectrum value by designating AWS-4 for downlinks, pushing Band 70 approval

Dish Network opted to designate all 40 MHz of its AWS-4 spectrum for downlink operations in a move that's sure to boost the value of those airwaves. And in a surprising announcement, the satellite TV operator said it expects that by the end of the month the 3GPP will approve Band 70, which will combine unpaired AWS-3, AWS-4 and H Block airwaves "into a single efficient spectrum plan."

EU sets 2020 deadline for freeing up 700 MHz band for mobile broadband

The European Council said the 700 MHz band should be made available for mobile broadband services across the European Union by 2020 as part of a harmonised approach to freeing up this spectrum band.