ZTE has reportedly tapped the chief of its U.S. business to lead its worldwide phone operations just a month after pleading guilty to violating U.S. trade…

Computer scientists at Rice University in Houston say they’ve come up with a new mapping solution for interior navigational location detection by linking it to…

Vasona Networks says it’s helping operators adapt to new video delivery challenges, including an uptick in QUIC-based traffic.

We’ve created a new e-learning platform here at Fierce with the goal of shining some light on the industry's more arcane topics.

Apple’s iOS lost significant ground in urban China in recent months even as it made some progress in its home market.

Preorders of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 are outpacing those of its previous flagship phone in the U.S., according to the company.

Nicknamed “Porcupine” within AT&T, a new millimeter-wave channel sounder was introduced this week as a first-of-its-kind device.

The CEO of Ford Smart Mobility says the company wants to ensure data security but also sees the value of making that data shareable.