Apple has reportedly talked with SoftBank about participating in a $100 billion technology fund being raised by the Japanese company.

Sprint may have to fork over more than $90 billion to strike a deal to acquire T-Mobile, Wells Fargo Securities said in a research note.

Sprint will double down on its spectrum leaseback arrangement, CFO Tarek Robbiati confirmed this morning, as the carrier continues to regain its financial…

Bidders in the FCC’s ongoing incentive auction of TV broadcasters’ unwanted spectrum continued to show little interest in the proceeding.

Recurring revenue per customer is growing for carriers, New Street Research said, but the nation’s two largest carriers continue to face big challenges.

Apple raked in 91% of the $9.4 billion profits the global smartphone market generated in the third quarter, according to Strategy Analytics.

Brocade’s fiscal fourth-quarter revenues were lifted in a big way by the Ruckus Wireless business that will be spun off after its acquisition by Broadcom.

Growth in worldwide telecom capex through 2016 will be “flat to very moderate” through 2016, according to a new forecast from IHS.