A law that has paved the way for AT&T’s entry into the region could be overturned.

Opponents of the proposed $3.9 billion broadcast megamerger warn that the deal could impact the spectrum reallocation timeline.

In their endeavors to change the rules for the 3.5 GHz band, T-Mobile and CTIA are getting support from a very big fish: GSMA.

Paul Milgrom's proposed auction system is designed to mitigate the problem of stranded investments.

With news that a tie-up between Sprint and T-Mobile is back in the offing, a minority investment model could be the most practical way forward.

An analysis from the GSMA shows that deployments are faltering and, in some cases, outright failing.

T-Mobile has filed a plan with the FCC to cover 1 million-plus square miles with 600 MHz service by the end of the year.

It’s still early days for startup Starry, but the company is making its voice heard at the FCC on items ranging from 3.5 GHz to infrastructure siting.