FreedomPop is hoping to cash in on the FCC’s overhaul of the Lifeline program, which subsidizes telecom devices and services for low-income consumers.

T-Mobile announced plans to launch a service that enables users to move phone numbers between devices and use multiple numbers on a single device.

FCC Commissioner Michel O’Rielly used the 2017 Wireless Infrastructure Show to once again push for reforms to ease the rollout of small cells.

The Small Cell Forum's Release 9 provides a blueprint for commercializing hyperdense networks for 4G, 5G and the IoT.

Qualcomm Technologies plans to start the first eMTC/NB-IoT/GSM multimode field trials in China with China Mobile Research Institute and bike-sharing company…

This is an entry in our new “Meet the CMOs” feature that will look at the top marketing executives in the nation’s biggest telecom companies.

Apple plans to test millimeter wave frequencies as it prepares to enable support for 5G in its iconic smartphone.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 isn’t receiving the same amount of love from the nation’s wireless carriers that the device’s predecessor did.