Verizon launched an offering aimed at helping carriers around the world more easily expand into next-generation services beyond traditional wireless offerings.

Dish Network CEO, Charlie Ergen, believes new 5G technologies will enable the satellite-TV provider to meet the FCC’s network build-out requirements.

Sprint and Ericsson are promising to demonstrate Gigabit LTE using 60 megahertz of LTE TDD spectrum next week.

Verizon and T-Mobile are both excited about offering LTE-U technology this spring now that the FCC announced it has authorized the first LTE-U devices.

AT&T and Nokia are claiming a big first as they completed fixed wireless 5G tests with AT&T’s internet streaming service DirecTV Now in the 39 GHz band.

Nokia, Qualcomm and GE Digital said they’ve successfully demonstrated a private LTE network aimed at the industrial IoT market.

A potential change in the FCC's enforcement policy wouldn't lead to the dropping of a $100 million proposed fine against AT&T.

Samsung Electronics America says it will be looking to gauge a number of things in its trials with Verizon as part of its deployment of 5G precommercial…