Nearly one-third of U.S. wireless subscribers report using their phones for more than two years, according to fresh data from Cowen Equity Research.

The LoRa Alliance released its latest technical specifications that include features supporting roaming and separation of back-end nodes.

ZTE is targeting mobile video fans with a dual-screen smartphone that will be available in the United States exclusively through AT&T.

Sales of the iPhone 8 are sluggish, according to a new report from Wave7 Research, as customers appear to be awaiting the release of the high-profile iPhone X.

Uber and Lyft continue to gain traction around the world, but the IoT can also be leveraged through other modes of transportation.

Qualcomm is taking some of the lessons learned in its early days of CDMA and applying the same sort of challenge-the-skeptics attitude to 5G.

A calm wireless market likely benefited Verizon during the third quarter, and its focus on telematics and media should shore up the bottom line.

California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have streamlined rules for small-cell deployments, handing CTIA a major defeat.