A top T-Mobile US executive said that the vast majority of the carrier’s customers have not opted out of T-Mobile’s Binge On video service.

The massive hack of 500 million Yahoo users’ accounts could be costly to Verizon should its acquisition of the company’s online assets eventually go through,…

And the company said 90 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners have chosen a replacement model 'since products became widely available.'

The transition to mobile 5G will make economic sense when LTE traffic density reaches about 20 Gbps/km2.

Sprint is still holding strong with its free iPhone 7 promotions, and one reason may be that the carrier's promotion is more profitable than originally…

Security has become a key selling point as carriers look to small cells to improve coverage and increase capacity.

Boost Mobile has pulled in the reins on a promotion that offered free phones to users who switch from other carriers, according to Wave7 Research.

The FCC once again declined to say whether the U.S. wireless industry is competitive in its annual report addressing the matter.

While existing operators may still be evaluating how they want to use 3.5 GHz spectrum, vendors like Huawei said they’re ready to supply the gear when and…