Verizon announced the opening of a 5G-enabled innovation lab in New York’s Silicon Alley where startups and academics can go to develop new use cases.

These results are for the top five spenders among wireless industry brands from Nov. 1-30.

The excitement about net neutrality has risen to levels I have not seen before—excitement may be the wrong word. Maybe hysteria is better.

Verizon and Ericsson unveiled plans to launch a “prestandard” commercial fixed-wireless 5G offering in the second half of 2018.

The U.S. wireless market will remain "relatively rational" even through a holiday shopping season that is typically brutally competitive, Barclays…

We have been wondering what business cases would prompt operators to make 5G network investments.

Greg Wyler, the entrepreneur behind satellite internet company OneWeb, has won our “Most Powerful Person In Telecom” tournament for 2017.

Verizon won the rights to distribute NFL games through smartphones and tablets to customers of any wireless carrier in the United States.