Ciena is a network strategy and technology company known for its commitment to customer success. With 25 years of industry leadership, we support more than 1,300 of the world's largest, most reliable networks. Our technology is complemented with a high-touch consultative business model. We're committed to developing and applying technologies that facilitate openness, virtualization, automation, collaboration, and a common experience. Technologies that offer the greatest degree of choice deliver the most rewarding customer experiences and business outcomes.

Stories by Ciena

Because you asked. Adaptive IP™

Ciena delivers IP differently because customers asked. Adaptive IP™ allows you to scale in a simpler and more cost-effective way. Read how here.

Are you creating automation islands?

Networking vendors have spent the last year touting their automation visions, while service providers have been creating and delivering automated processes. But in our haste to replace, are we creating "automation islands"?

10 Questions Answered About 5G Networks

5G Networks – 10 Questions Answered To help you ready for the massive wirelines network upgrade needed for 5G, here are 10 of the most popular questions on 5G answered.

Welcome to Ciena 5G Boot Camp

The path to 5G can be a long, costly, and complex journey fraught with risk, challenges, and of course, significant opportunities and benefits. Enter Ciena 5G Boot Camp.

From automated to autonomic networks

Automation in wireless networks is still surprisingly limited in both scope and depth, but operators have been trying to automate some functions over the years.