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Deutsche Telekom sets up VC fund amid questions over future government shareholding

Deutsche Telekom announced Nov. 11 the setting up of what it claims is one of the Europe's largest investments funds, with an eye on investing in German start-ups. But the operator's launch of a new VC arm coincides with questions over its own shareholding structure. The German government, which holds a 31.7 per cent stake in Deutsche Telekom--14.3 per cent of which is held direct and 17.4 per cent of which is held indirectly via the state bank KfW-- is weighing up a sell off of its Deutsche Telekom shares, according to Reuters.

New bid for Portugal Telecom threatens Altice's take-over proposal

Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angola's president, has launched a takeover bid for Portugal Telecom SGPS.The move follows a 7 billion euros offer made on November2ndby French cable and telecoms group, Altice, to purchase thePortuguese assets of Oi, Brazil's largest landline carrier which also controls PT's operations in Portugal.