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Would someone please build a decent store?

Is anybody out there as frustrated as I am? I can't find a decent mobile content store out there--not one. They all have huge problems and seemingly no sense of urgency on fixing any of those

Device fragmentation: Deal with it! Page 2

Previous page Handset manufacturers can't resist either. They get the spec from the standards body that they are members of, but they invariably "tweak" it a little so that it's optimized for their

Device fragmentation: Deal with it!

Since the earliest days of mobile phones that could support software applications, the industry has been promising itself a set of standards that would unify devices and architecture. I've sat

How to create demand for your mobile app

In my first two articles for FierceDeveloper, I laid out two rather negative themes for mobile publishers. First, I stated boldly that for most publishers, the iPhone does not represent a goldmine of

Most app stores are going to fail

A whole lot of mobile publishers and content providers have anxiously awaited the arrival of around a dozen new "app stores." They believe that this is the dawn of a new era, one where handset OEMs