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But automakers still hedge bets against them

Along with market domination, the leading two smartphone ecosystems are extremely integrated into the day-to-day lives of the phone users. Through fast innovation and deployment of lifestyle-helping apps like Siri, Maps, Calendar, iCloud, Google Now!, HomeKit, and others, the phone OS players have built deep in-roads into helping us with our daily lives…and knowing more about us than any other company ever has.

Kerton: Will Google virtualize smartphones?

Last month, news broke that Google is working on an MVNO that will ride on the combined networks of Sprint and T-Mobile. This is big news, and many people discussed how this could be a low-cost service that uses the best available signal from the No. 3 and No. 4 carriers combined in order to get network quality close to matching the top two. This, in itself, is potentially disruptive, but Google is likely up to something more, and an MVNO may enable it to do something far more interesting.

Kerton: World's biggest telecom operators ask for innovation

In case you missed TC3 last fall, a summit between the world's most innovative telecom carriers and Silicon Valley innovators, 40 global telcos were brought together by the Telecom Council to talk about their innovation roadmaps for the next few years and lay out their current innovation needs in black and white.