Nicole Blanchard

Nicole Blanchard

Nicole Blanchard is an associate editor with the FierceTelecom group. Nicole is based in Denver and joined FierceMarkets in June 2015 after an internship with Denver's city mag, <italics>5280</italics>. Nicole is a recent graduate of Northwestern University and a newcomer to the telecom industry. When she’s not brushing up on industry lingo, she’s fawning over her new puppy, Chunk, exploring the Rockies and testing the limits of how much coffee one human can ingest. She can be reached at [email protected], or follow her on Twitter @NMBlanchard.

Stories by Nicole Blanchard

NetMotion software may shape FirstNet network deployment

Mobile network software developer NetMotion said its mobile virtual private network (VPN) software, NetMotion Diagnostics, is allowing public safety officials as well as FirstNet (the designated nationwide first responders&#39; network) experts to assess mobile networks for latency issues, poor signal areas and more prior to the implementation of FirstNet coverage.

DecaWave, Time Domain join forces on micro-location

DecaWave, a chip-making company that has pegged itself as the next Qualcomm, has announced a partnership with ultra wideband hardware and software developer Time Domain in a move it says is intended to speed development and time to market for location-based technology solutions. The deal designates Time Domain as DecaWave&#39;s &quot;preferred partner&quot; in microlocation navigation and tracking technology and allows DecaWave rights to Time Doman&#39;s patent portfolio.

Huawei, HKT tout 4.5G 1 Gbps achievement

Huawei, in partnership with Chinese mobile operator HKT, demonstrated what the companies are calling the world&#39;s first 4.5G 1Gbps network Nov. 3 at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum. According to a Huawei press release, the network showed a peak download speed of 1.2 Gbps, a step toward the 6 Gbps Huawei said would be necessary for a commercial 4.5G network.

Is FirstNet the network of the future?

The wireless spotlight has been on FirstNet for some time as the government, mobile operators and first responders interrogated the organization on devices, unification, legislation and more pending a detailed plan for the network&#39;s launch. As FirstNet moves closer to realizing a final RFP, attention has turned to the reality of deploying a nationwide first responders network and how it will fit into the country&#39;s existing carrier landscape.

Parallel Wireless partners with Intel for RAN base station

Parallel Wireless, software-based cellular network deployment company, today announced that it&#39;s partnering with Intel to release end-to-end virtualized RAN reference designs. The technology is 3GPP-compliant and available for commercial deployment, according to a press release by Parallel.

FirstNet CTO optimistic for smartphone partnerships

According to FirstNet&#39;s acting Chief Technology Officer Jeff Bratcher, the organization &quot;would love&quot; iPhones to support the network&#39;s Band 14 spectrum, but says implementing the technology is a &quot;chicken and egg discussion.&quot;

Report: 66% of operators can't block A2P traffic from illegal third-party sources

Research from Tyntec, a mobile services company, and analyst firm Mobilesquared found that mobile operators are experiencing a boon in app-to-person (A2P) messaging to the tune of up to 36 percent growth year-over-year. The study said two-thirds of the traffic comes from unauthorized gray routes, and Tyntec believes blocking those could be an opportunity to monetize A2P messaging to a possible $60 billion by 2018.

FirstNet SPOC discussions hinging on final RFP

Representatives from the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) Single Points of Contact, or SPOC, group met at the organization&#39;s tech headquarters in Boulder, Colo., last week in a discussion that acting Chief Technology Officer Jeff Bratcher said focused on &quot;education and understanding&quot; in lieu of a final Request for Proposals.