Shane Schick

Shane Schick

Shane Schick is a writer, editor and speaker who helps people create value with information technology. Besides editing FierceDeveloper, he is a technology columnist with <a href="">Yahoo Finance</a>, and the editor of <a href="">CommerceLab</a&gt; and <a href="">Allstream’s expertIP</a> online community . Shane was previously <a href="">IT World Canada’s</a> Vice-President, Content & Community (Editor-in-Chief), leading a digital-first strategy that included a transition from print publications to online portals and magazines. Shane regularly speaks to CIOs and other technology professionals about how they can contribute to organizational success and comments on technology news and stories for a variety of TV programs.

Stories by Shane Schick

What I learned by editing FierceDeveloper

Only now can the truth be told: I&#39;ve never played Angry Birds. The same goes for most mobile games, other than the ones I&#39;ve had to help my three children try to figure out. I do not own an Apple Watch, and have no intention of buying a similar wearable anytime soon. The apps I check most often are the same big monoliths that everyone else uses: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and (because I do a lot of reading) Pocket. How on Earth did a guy like me get a gig running FierceDeveloper?

How to take Apple's (possible) App Store self-promotion in stride

It&#39;s an ambitious development studio with a growing collection of apps in areas like productivity and education, but if only it could improve its odds of being discovered in the App Store. That may sound like the dilemma of most studios, but of course it&#39;s a different story when the apps in question were designed by Apple itself.

The real iPad Pro problems Apple (and maybe even developers) may be overlooking

I think there&#39;s almost a collective feeling of embarrassment when an Apple product flops. Isn&#39;t this supposed to be the company that can do no wrong? Well, there was the Apple Cube, the Xserve enterprise gear and a few other misses, but the case of the iPad Pro -- whose fate is still up in the air, I should add -- may be a bit unique.