Sue Marek

Sue Marek
Sue Marek
Contributing Editor

Sue Marek has been reporting on the telecom and tech industries for more than 25 years. Most recently she was editor in chief at SDxCentral where she oversaw all of that site’s editorial content. Prior to that she was editor in chief of FierceMarkets Telecom Group, where she managed a team of editors and was responsible for the content for several of the company’s web sites, newsletters and live events. Sue is a frequent speaker at industry events and has moderated panels for the Consumer Electronics Show, the Competitive Carriers’ Show, The Wireless Infrastructure Show, 5G North America, DC 5G, Interop, and more. Follow @SueMarek on Twitter and find her on LinkedIn.

Stories by Sue Marek

Pushing the 5G envelope: Is being first worth the risk?

BARCELONA, Spain—As I wrap up my fourth day of meetings, press events and booth visits at Mobile World Congress 2016, one very obvious theme has emerged -- the push for some operators to deploy what many are calling 'pre-5G' gear by late 2017 or early 2018, well in advance of the previously projected date of 2020.

IoT security threats are skyrocketing, AT&T reveals

BARCELONA, Spain—Cyber attackers are turning their attention to the growing Internet of Things space and exploiting potential security vulnerabilities at an alarming rate. According to a report on IoT security commissioned by AT&T, the company has seen a 458 percent increase in vulnerability scans of IoT devices in the last two years.

Verizon: Video is not a money maker for LTE-broadcast

BARCELONA, Spain—Having equipped its entire nationwide network with LTE-broadcast capability in 2015, Verizon is now saying that delivering video over LTE-broadcast (which the company has dubbed LTE-multicast) has so far not been a big revenue generator for the operator. Instead, a top Verizon executive said that the company currently sees more potential for LTE multicast to be used for telematics applications such as delivering software upgrades to cars at a dealership.

Verizon's 5G tests hit 10-Gig speeds, commercial deployment in 2017 possible

BARCELONA, Spain—Verizon's early 5G tests hint at blazing fast network speeds topping 10 Gbps and the ability to transmit 4K video while moving and stream 360 degree virtual reality content in 4K. The operator, which is conducting its 5G tests with partners Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm, also revealed that it is on track to commercially launch 5G as early as 2017.

Telstra teams with Ericsson to deliver Gigabit-LTE in late 2016

BARCELONA, Spain -- Australian operator Telstra will become the first carrier to commercially launch 1-Gig LTE service in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane later this year using a 1-Gig capable Netgear mobile broadband hotspot and Ericsson's Gigabit-LTE technology.

5G: What's hype and what's real?

As I prepare for my annual trip to Barcelona, Spain, for the Mobile World Congress conference (where I expect to mingle with nearly 100,000 of my industry cohorts), I've seen a noticeable uptake in announcements about 5G – 5G collaborations, 5G trials and even 5G-ready products.