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WCDMA voice gets another look as HSPA+ takes off

Circuit-switched voice is starting to seem so passé, but it's going to be around for quite awhile. That's why companies such as InToTally and Qualcomm are developing methods to make WCDMA voice more efficient so operators can wring out additional spectrum capacity to make room HSPA and HSPA+ data services.

AT&T's Mansfield: Outdoor LTE small cell market will ramp up next year

The Small Cell Forum, originally called the Femtocell Forum,is an advocacy group promoting the adoption of small cell technologies to solve mobile networks' coverage and capacity issues as well as help them deliver new services. Gordon Mansfield,AT&T Mobility's AVP--Small Cell Solutions, has chaired the Small Cell Forum since September 2012. He recently spoke withFierceWirelessTechEditor Tammy Parker regarding the small cell market's momentum and product roadmap.

Sprint playing crucial role in Softbank's 30-year grand plan

Softbank planned $20.1 billion investment in Sprint Nextel caught many observers by surprise. But the investment is part of a broader plan to expand the Softbank name worldwide and provide a lasting legacy that extends far beyond Softbank's current circle of influence. Further, Softbank sees Sprint as a brother in arms that is battling an overly powerful mobile duopoly, much as Softbank has had to do for years in Japan.