Credo Mobile launches unlimited data plan as all-you-can-eat expands to MVNO market

The activist MVNO Credo Mobile quietly introduced an unlimited-data plan starting at $80 for a single line.

Credo Mobile has joined the unlimited data bandwagon.

The MVNO, which runs on Verizon’s network, quietly announced an unlimited plan in a blog post on its website Wednesday. A single line of unlimited talk, text and data is available for $80 a month; five lines are offered for a  total of $200 a month, or $40 per line.

Data speeds are slowed to 64 kbps once customers have surpassed 20 GB in a billing cycle. The service provider continues to offer tiered data plans as well, starting at $30 a month for 1 GB and topping out at $60 a month for 6 GB.

Founded in 1985, Credo markets itself as “the only carrier fighting Trump’s hate,” targeting activist-minded consumers interested in causes such as fighting climate change and supporting the LGBTQ community. The MVNO automatically sends a donation to progressive nonprofit groups every time its services are used, and it claims to have donated $83 million to groups such as Planned Parenthood, Rainforest Action Network and Oxfam America, according to Wikipedia.

“You asked, we answered,” the carrier said in its blog post. “Credo Mobile now offers an unlimited plan option. So surf all you want while still supporting the critical causes you care about.”

Credo had long used Sprint’s network to power its service, but a year ago it reportedly began to transition to Verizon’s infrastructure. FierceWireless reported last August that the MVNO would still use Sprint’s network for BYOD customers; all other customers would access service through Verizon’s network.

Credo didn’t confirm the move at the time. The MVNO reportedly claims roughly 100,000 customers, although—like most other MVNOs—it declines to discuss subscriber figures.

The company sells a variety of phones through two-year contracts, installment plans and no-contract plans. Credo’s phone lineup ranges from $79 for the Samsung Gusto 3—a basic flip phone—to high-end devices such as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus ($769) and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus ($840).

The battle to offer unlimited data ignited when T-Mobile and Sprint introduced new plans last August, and unlimited has spread to the prepaid market in recent months. Credo’s latest offering may be an indication that unlimited is about to spread to the MVNO segment as well.