3 reasons developers need to know about Amazon Kinesis Analytics

Image: Amazon
Editor's CornerDan Kobialka

Looking to find out how end users feel about your app? Thanks to a new service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), mobile developers may be able to generate actionable end user insights with ease.

Amazon Kinesis Analytics is now available and could make it simple for developers to gain actionable end user insights in real-time without having to learn any new programming skills.

The service empowers developers to process streaming data in real-time with standard SQL. Plus, it is available without a minimum fee or startup cost.

Ultimately, Amazon Kinesis Analytics could make a world of difference for many developers for a number of reasons, including:

1. Real-time processing capabilities

App analytics are paramount for developers to ensure end users are fully satisfied with an app's performance. And if an app fails, developers want to be able to fix the problem immediately and ensure the problem will not become a recurring issue.

Amazon Kinesis Analytics enables developers to analyze and respond to end user data in real-time. That way, developers can leverage app analytics any time they choose and better understand an app's real-time. Developers could utilize in-depth analytics to create better apps, too.

2. Interactive tools

Developers can use Amazon Kinesis Analytics' SQL editor, SQL templates and other interactive tools to perform extensive data analyses.

Amazon Kinesis Analytics' interactive tools may help developers retrieve and analyze end user data from across the globe, and thereby generate actionable insights that they can use to explore ways to enhance their apps both now and in the future.

3. Flexible pricing structure

With a pricing structure that only charges developers for the processing resources they use, Amazon Kinesis Analytics may provide a cost-effective service for developers.

In addition, Amazon Kinesis Analytics automatically scales resources up and down, ensuring developers won't have to risk additional processing charges at any time.

To be clear, Amazon Kinesis Analytics won't necessarily solve all of a developer's analytics issues. In fact, a developer still will need to review end user data to identify behaviors, trends and other actionable insights.

But nevertheless, Amazon Kinesis Analytics represents a viable service for developers, one that enables them to collect and leverage actionable insights and ensure they can discover the best ways to transform ordinary apps into exceptional ones.- Dan@FierceDeveloper