AmberWatch Mobile greenlights child-safety application

By Jason Ankeny AmberWatch Mobile, a sub-brand of the not-for-profit child safety group the AmberWatch Foundation, announced at BREW 2007 the launch of a new mobile service that will provide GPS tracking capabilities to wireless devices in an effort to keep consumers and their families safe from threats like abduction and molestation. Scheduled for a September rollout, the AmberWatch Mobile service was developed by location services provider WaveMarket--the service will include text, voice, web and e-mail alert systems enabling users to contact family members in the event they need assistance. In addition, the service features “scheduled checks” notifying parents when their children arrive home from school. “AmberWatch Mobile is designed to protect people in harm’s way and to provide peace of mind,” said the AmberWatch Foundation’s chairman and CEO Keith Jarrett. “We are hopeful that this easy-to-use technology will be another tool that will prevent child abduction and other violent crimes before they happen.” During his BREW 2007 keynote address Thursday, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs announced the company will donate 100 percent of its revenues earned from the BREW-based WaveMarket application to the AmberWatch Foundation.