Android 1.6 SDK adds gestures API

Version 1.6 of the Android mobile operating system SDK adds Gestures Builder, a new API enabling developers to create a set of pre-defined gesture controls for applications running on touchscreen devices. Pre-installed on the Android 1.6 SDK emulator, Gestures Builder also serves as an example of how users may define their own gestures within an application. Complete details are featured in this Android Developers Blog entry.

In related Android news, the AndroidGuys website reports developers may now market their Android Market applications by targeting specific operators' subscribers as well as particular geographic regions." For example, if you are showing your app in the United States, you can now choose among Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless," reads a recent Google mail sent to Android programmers. "If your apps are intended for users of specific carriers, please go to the Android Market developer website at (in the Publishing Options section under Locations) and target your applications to those carriers accordingly."

For more on the Android 1.6 SDK upgrades:
- check out the Android Developers Blog 

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