Android devs sound ready to start submitting to Google Play's 'Designed for Families' section

First came the Apple-like app reviewing process and age-based ratings. Now Google is getting even more serious about distinguishing adult-oriented apps from the rest of the wares in its Play store. 

Google said it would soon be introducing a "Designed for Families" category in Google Play which will put an increased emphasis on kid-friendly apps that could help parents identify what's most appropriate among the enormous volume of mobile games available for Android devices. 

Developers of Android apps for younger users were quick to spread the word on social media: 

"RT @Fingerprintplay: Exciting changes coming to #GooglePlay! #AppsforKids " -- @kidsappbot

"Google Play launching a "Designed For Families" label link" -- @ChrisOShea

Some actually seemed to focus on how this would change the existing user experience on Google Play: 

"Google Play has a new „Designed for families" category and therefore „Family" will not exist anymore in May." -- @hermanjakobi

Besides questions of timing, some wondered about how accountable the app store would be for the games that are featured in the revamped category. 

"@AndroidDev @GooglePlay Excellent. Is it verified by anyone or just on the honour system?" -- @markabraham

There was also a sense that, over time, Google could take the family-friendly approach even further. 

"@AndroidDev @GooglePlay would love to see local control on the device, for families to define #kidfriendly #sandbox in #android." -- @mpsyp