Android dominates Millennial Media's ad impressions

If the first quarter of 2013 was any indication, consumers are experimenting with a wide range of devices and platforms, according to a recent report from Millennial Media. The company's Mobile Device Index is based on Millennial Media's platform and ad campaign data.

  • Android was the largest operating system on Millennial's platform, growing four percentage points from the previous year to account for 52 percent of total impressions.
  • Music & Entertainment maintained its No. 2 position among the biggest app categories at 51 percent, followed closely by Humor at 38 percent.
  • Smartphones accounted for 70 percent of total platform impressions, down slightly from 75 percent during the same period last year.
  • Though the iPhone remains king, impressions for Samsung devices were up 19 percent from the previous quarter.
  • Amazon rose to the No. 7 spot of the top manufacturers, and its impressions grew 125 percent from the previous quarter

"Impressions from non-phone connected devices grew 5 percentage points from the same quarter a year ago to account for 25 percent of total platform impressions in Q1 2013," the report said. "The increased adoption of these devices has grown globally as more consumers add a second or third mobile device to their lives."

While much of the data in the Mobile Device Index will be relevant for makers of smartphone apps, the report really reflects the growing diversity and opportunity offered by tablet devices particularly in the Android space. Millennial Media reported 45 percent of tablet impressions came from those based on Google's mobile OS, a growth rate of an astonishing 96 percent from the same quarter last year.

Less surprisingly, Samsung is the leader here, with its Galaxy Tab taking reaching 35 percent of the total device market. However, there seems to be room for new entrants. Millennial Media said the Asus Transformer Pad saw the sixth largest amount of impressions on its platform and was the fourth largest among Android tablets.

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