Android L's design: Do developers love it or loathe it?

It's probably time Google experienced a bit of what Apple might call "the iOS 7 effect" with its forthcoming Android L.

During its recent Google I/O conference, the company showed an early look at a design some characterized as flatter, more colorful and possibly indebted to Microsoft. Android L comes with what was described as a more content-focused "Material Design," which may take some getting used to among app makers. 

There were at least a few Google I/O watchers on social media who liked what they saw with Android L.

And, of course, some who saw no improvement whatsoever. 

There were those who thought there were some brand identity issues...

... and some who felt a check should be sent to Redmond.

The best comments suggested that much of what's going in Android L are ideas whose time has come.

There was also a sense that, whether you liked it or not, Android L is a sign that Google plans to be as competitive as ever in the mobile space.