Android Market to offer application geo-tagging

Registered Android Market developers are receiving an email from Google promising the Android Market virtual storefront will soon enable coders to specify the geographic markets where their applications are available for download. "I'm writing to let you know that Android Market will become available to users in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Poland in the coming weeks," reads the email from Android program manager Eric Chu. "You can now target these countries for your application(s) via the publisher website at As we add support for additional countries, we will send out subsequent notifications to you. Note that your apps will not become available in these new countries unless you specifically select them in the publisher website."

Geo-tagging represents the latest evolution of Android Market as Google prepares to open the virtual storefront's doors to premium application sales. A separate Chu email sent out earlier this month reiterated previous Google promises to introduce premium Android apps sometime in the first quarter of 2009: "Given the country-by-country work required to set up payment support for developers in different countries, we will enable priced app support in Q1 for developers operating in these countries in the following order: (1) United States and UK; (2) Germany, Austria and Netherlands; (3) France, Italy and Spain," Chu writes. "By the end of Q1 2009, we will announce support for developers operating in additional countries."

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