App developer: 'Don't start developing apps for Windows 10'

Coder Nikolaus Gebhardt shared his Windows 10 frustrations with the world and quickly has become a Reddit sensation

Gebhardt, perhaps best known as the developer behind the "Irrlicht" open-source project, recently blogged about his problems with Windows 10. And in a blog post titled "Why you should not develop apps for Windows 10," he explained why he will no longer develop Windows 10 apps.

"So it seems like [Microsoft doesn't] care. The quality of the App Store is extremely low -- no wonder -- there are probably nice apps in there, but they cannot be found at all. Why should any developer create an app for Windows 10, if the sales will likely be zero?" he wrote. 

Gebhardt first shared his blog post via Twitter.

It did not take long for some Twitter users to question Gebhardt. 

Conversely, some Twitter users echoed Gebhardt's Windows 10 sentiments. 

There were others who expressed their concerns about outside-the-box Windows 10 problems, too.

And let's not forget about the alleged link between Windows 10 and Internet speed, either.

But perhaps Twitter user @bucky_roberts summed up Gebhardt's argument best.